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Subliminal Guru

por Alisa Princy (2019-09-25)

At a young age (younger than kids today) he Subliminal Guru Review managed to get a newspaper round. He snuck out without his mother's permission and managed to get the job. When his father found him asleep that night with the money in his hands he knew he had nothing to worry about. He had managed to plant in his sons mind a go getter attitude and resourcefulness and he knew he would be successful. The child went to a normal school as his parents were determined he would learn with normal children. It meant they had to fight school officials but they managed to get him through high school. After many years struggling to hear, he was sent a new kind of hearing aid that unexpectedly worked for him. And so after all the years of that burning desire to be normal and hear normally it was now a reality. He was so happy to be able to hear all the things he had missed out on such as the talking pictures and the radio that he wrote a letter to the makers of the hearing aid to thank them. The letter inspired the company enough to invite him to New York. It was whilst talking to the chief engineer that he had his eureka moment. He decided that he wanted to have his story told. He wanted to help and inspire all the people in the world who had hearing difficulties. This is what his burning desire became for the rest of his life. He would share with others like him his newly discovered world. "Yesterday is a cancelled check; tomorrow a promissory note; today is the only cash you have, so spend it wisely." Kay Lyons You have goals, you have a desire to create a better future for yourself and your loved ones, but what exactly have you done TODAY to move yourself closer to creating the future you say you truly want? Did you take the actions which are necessary to reach your goals or did you sit around day dreaming about what could be? While thinking about and planning your future is vital to your success, the acts of thinking and planning are useless if they do not lead to action. People who get where and what they want in life are people who turned their thoughts and plans into action. People who do not reach their goals, generally can trace their failure to a lack of action(s). You can not just talk about losing weight, you must exercise and eat right You can not just talk about increasing your sales, you must get in front of more prospects and close more prospects. You can not just talk about becoming financially independent, you must discipline yourself to save and invest. Whatever it is you are trying to achieve there are specific actions which if you do them you will get the result you desire, if you fail to do them you will more than likely also fail to reach your goal(s). If you are serious about reaching your goals, you must become deadly serious about taking the actions that are required.