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por Alisa Princy (2019-09-23)

After that, when every data is iGenics Review measured, the eye doctor may suggest patients to try on some trial contact lenses. This process is very important, for it determines whether patients can get used to lenses or not. Of course, the trial process is also time-consuming. Usually, people have to try on many pairs until their get the ones fit them most. While trying, eye doctor will also offer some guidance on how to insert and remove lenses. Other suggestions on eye health and lenses maintenance will also be given in details. When people have brought their lenses home, they should also revisit their eye doctors regularly, until their eyes completely adapt the lenses and they know how to use the lenses. If there is anything unusual, just contact eye doctors for help. Cataract is now a common problem among the older individuals. This eye disease refers to the clouding of the eye's natural lens, caused by the damage to the lens's protein. The most obvious and noticeable symptom of cataract is blurred vision. Many old people will resort to cataract surgery for lens removal and artificial lens implantation. To some extent, cataract is not completely preventable. This eye condition is closely linked with the body's natural aging. However, there are still some ways to delay its occurrence. There are some easy tips in daily lives that can be taken to delay the development of cataracts. These healthy habits include quitting smoking, avoiding overexposure to sunlight, drinking alcohol in moderation and eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. In fact, these are quite basic requirements that can be simply met. In addition to these healthy habits, cataract can also be sometimes delayed by consuming enough antioxidants including vitamins. There are study results suggesting that higher risk of getting cataracts always occurs in individuals with low blood level antioxidants and those who have inadequate intake of foods and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants. From another perspective, cataracts can be delayed by supplementing the body with antioxidants and vitamins. The reason lies in that free radical's damage to eye cells can be neutralized by antioxidants.