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por Jerome Princy (2019-09-23)

It's a good idea to be checked out by a medical professional and found to be otherwise healthy. In some rare cases, like severe sleep apnea, snoring might be a symptom of an underlying medical condition. However, snoring is usually caused by excess weight. Certainly, losing weight is always a good idea, but this takes time and the snoring might not abate immediately or otherwise. Inflammation is quite common today, as many people find themselves in poor health. Taking over-the-counter remedies to counteract snoring caused by inflammation is probably not the smartest idea over time, as too many over-the-counter medications are damaging to the liver. Usually, to counteract snoring caused by inflammation, we must really adopt a healthier lifestyle and root out the cause of the inflammation (in many people, it is intolerance to certain foods, like gluten or dairy). This, too, takes time and can be a substantial amount of work, though, as with weight loss, really a good idea for one's overall health. In the meantime, the snoring usually continues and, for some unlucky few, continues after the weight loss and the inflammation have long gone. There are a few other remedies, nasal strips are one option that seem non invasive and somewhat cost effective. A box of these strips usually cost less than $10 and the strips are easily applied to the bridge of the nose before sleeping. Unfortunately, these do not stop all snoring and some users report that they are uncomfortable. Remember, most snoring is caused by pressure on the throat tissue, so it stands to reason that nasal strips will not work for many people. The issue really is releasing pressure off the neck and the soft pallet, the uvula, and the tonsils. Again, there are two devices that do precisely that. One is an anti snoring mouth guard. For about $30, this is a device that one puts into the mouth before bed. Though somewhat effective, this isn't exactly comfortable for most users. The other is simply an anti snoring pillow, which can range in cost from about $20 to about $60. Many users find this to be a good resolution. There is one other consideration. If one's neck and head position is so bad that one begins to snore, then holding one's head in proper position while sleeping is more than likely helping in other ways as well, not the least of which is spinal alignment. When you don't sleep well, everything is affected. If I only sleep for a few hours one night, I am one crabby mama by the time work ends and my kids get off the school bus the next day. Also, when I don't sleep well, it's more difficult to focus on my work. Plus, I tend to eat more and it's harder to get motivated to exercise. It's true: Quality sleep is essential to health and vitality.