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Feng Shui For Life

por Regina Fancy (2019-09-21)

Wars that end in hundreds of thousands of deaths, that Feng Shui For Life Review destroy the lives of those that survive, that devastate the environment and desecrate the traditions they try to save. Marriages that end in divorce, that destroy an adult's sense of self worth, that devastate a child's life and desecrate the families they try to create. Nations that exist on bitter rivalry based on hatred of minor idiosyncrasies - are we not, after all, humans who all profess to want peace? Yet, when it comes to national pride we encourage our children to dislike, disdain and disembowel those that live with different traditions. Religions that encourage the exact opposite of their core teaching (no matter which religion it may be), their divisive nature going against the grain of their very beliefs. Lives that end up the same as those that were miserable before them, parents breeding so that they will have someone to look after them in old age, someone to continue a family name that nobody else cares about, that ignores the unavoidable truth of division that we all try to deny.Tradition is to blame for so much misunderstanding, it is used as a weapon of mass control and of personal limitation; a way for nations to control a population and for parents to control their children; it does not instill any form of free thinking in a child, it does not allow a government to negotiate; it simply forces a country to stand up and fight for what it deems to be right and it teaches a child that everyone else is wrong.