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por Alisa Princy (2019-09-20)

Obesity: Having trouble with weight loss? It SlumberPM Review might not be your diet. Lack of sleep can cause weight gain. A study of about 10,000 people recently showed that people 32 to 49 that had an average of less than seven hours of sleep were significantly m ore likely to be overweight. Cancer: Other studies show that breast and colon cancer are more likely in those who lack adequate sleep. A large study done over a period of years in Japan reports that the incidence of breast cancer in women who had six or fewer hours of sleep at night on average were sixty-two percent more likely to develop breast cancer. Heart Disease: While smoking, heredity and improper diet are the main contributors to heart disease, they aren't the only ones. Lack of sleep can affect the heart. Coronary calcium, which can lead to heart attacks, increases in people who don't get enough sleep. The less you sleep, the more your body makes. So now the question comes up. What do you do about it? First, find out why you're having difficulties sleeping. Stress, depression and anxiety could be the cause and to resolve the problem, these issues have to be faced. Sleep apnea may be causing you to partially awaken before REM sleep has occurred, leaving you wakeful and exhausted. It could be something simple as well. You may need a new mattress or to find a way to darken the room better. Noises may be keeping you awake, so "white noise" may be needed. It could very well be a combo of all of the above. Some people will require medical intervention. Severe depression and anxiety should be treated by the doctor. As for sleep apnea, a sleep study should be done, so the best solution can be found. There are many solutions, ranging from a splint to keep your jaw moved forward to special breathing masks. Herbal solutions for stress may be useful. For short term events, kava kava is a good choice. It can't be taken on a regular basis, and you should not drive when taking it. Longer term herbs include lavender, chamomile, passionflower and jasmine. For insomnia itself, valerian and hops may be useful. Mild to moderate depression may be eased with St. John's Wort. However, make sure you wear sunscreen as that herb can cause you to become photosensitive. Is there a natural and safe treatment for insomnia? That is the question from numerous individuals who struggle with falling asleep every night. You also know that it is not just your nights that are affected. It is a struggle the following day as well. You are bushed, your level of awareness is exceptionally low, and you are aggravated by the slightest irritation. Major headaches and even hallucinations can also complicate matters if your situation continues. Here are 3 safe and sound and straightforward pointers that you can initiate now to help you overcome insomnia.