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Secret Death Touches

por Alisa Princy (2019-09-20)

It is unfortunate, but many of you reading Secret Death Touches Review this either already have been, or will be, involved in some kind of assault in which your very life is threatened or there is a threat of severe injury. For women, the likelihood is even greater. Unfortunately, there is a very good chance your assailant will be taller, heavier, stronger, and faster than you are. Worse yet, he may have a partner. Criminals always attempt to stack the deck in their favor. To counter this, you must employ every resource at your disposal. That is why a comprehensive approach is necessary and why you must prepare now to use that approach. When an attack occurs, the preferred outcome is that you are not harmed and that the attacker is stopped in his tracks and eventually brought to justice. However, unless you are prepared for the ugly nature of a violent attack and are willing and able to respond in kind, you are at a distinct disadvantage. So, understanding that there are no rules in self defense requires that you undergo a fundamental shift in how you think about the nature of violence itself. Most of us think of violence as something only "bad" people do. Good people "defend" themselves. Well, that kind of thinking can get you killed. "Violence" is simply a tool, and like all tools, can be used for good or evil. When an assault is imminent, Instead of "defending" yourself, which puts you at a disadvantage, you should instead, be thinking how to violently put an end to the assault. Period. That does not make you "bad" to do so. Your goal should be to make your assailant regret choosing you as his target that day. Let's be clear about this. There are many available options for self defense. Martial arts training, defensive tools and devices (pepper sprays, stun guns, etc.), home protection equipment, (hidden cameras, alarms, etc.). Which of these is the best is a subject of fierce debate in the self defense universe. Some say, "martial arts". Others would not be without their pepper spray or a stun gun. My response? It depends on a variety of factors, but regardless of those factors, you should be competent and prepared in all areas. Martial arts training can be very beneficial and should be a part of your overall strategy. However, you must understand that a traditional martial arts training regimen, in all likelihood, will be inadequate for your immediate self protection needs. This is because, in most arts, it generally takes several years of regular training to become proficient enough to use your skills effectively in dealing with a violent assault.