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por Jerome Princy (2019-09-14)

Health and Image The twin FloraSpring issues of weight and image face you every time you confront the mirror. Your present acceptance of your problem means that image, so valued in this day and age, will figure in whatever direction you travel. Your half hearted attempts at dieting come back to haunt you. You know you could have done better, even though most of your acquaintances, engaged with you at the time, all agreed that dieting was not a solution. Reflecting on this reveals the unequivocal insight into what action you must take. You need an enemy to defeat, and what better a foe than the seducer supreme. That creator of desire for food called Appetite that gnaws away at you with constant temptation. The unpleasant thought that Appetite couldn't care less whether you live or die fires your wrath. It changes your perspective and you embrace what had been blatantly obvious but what you had hoped would somehow magically disappear taking your extra weight with it. You just have to change your eating habits. And it has to be a Lifetime Change! Easily said. You know that it will not be so easily done. Appetite had been allowed to thrive through your indulgence. Now you had to control it. A pretty daunting proposition. At least, you know what you have to do. Undisputedly weight reduction begins and ends at the dining room table. You have to eat anyhow, so there is no reason why a safe, controlled program should not be adopted. Again, easily said! Eleventh hour jitters convulse you: you go through all the soul searching and mental anguish as you seek escape routes that would provide less pain than the life changing commitment you know must come. Eventually, you accept the inevitable and prepare to face the enemy; a foe you are now determined to conquer once and for all. Your strategy is simple. You intend to eat the same foods but only half the quantity. This you do, but appetite cries out for the same amount you have been indulging it in for ages. Your feeling for more food to satisfy your appetite fights desperately against your commitment to resist it. Your reason tells you it is absolutely vital that you withstand this storm. For the first few weeks you struggle desperately as nothing much happens and despondency threatens. Then, suddenly it seems, excess flesh just falls away. Each new day bringing great joy as your strategy for a Lifetime Change pays off.