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Stockholm Personal Diet Plans

por Regina Fancy (2019-09-14)

Lets say after 2 weeks you have lost 20 pounds, this Stockholm Personal Diet Plans Review means you have accomplished your goal. But when we take a closer look then we can see a lot of cracks, that did not stick out. For example not all the weight you lose with super quick weight loss diets is fat. Actually 40-50% of the weight you have lost is muscle, not fat. So the 20 pounds is more like 10 pounds.Losing muscle is inevitable with quick weight loss diets but losing muscle is very bad. It takes a lot of calories to maintain muscle mass, so when you are on a strict diet to lose 20 pounds in 2 week a, then your body has to save energy. So getting rid of muscle that takes a lot of calories is very easy. The less muscle you have less calories you burn. Not very good if you want to lose fat permanently.With strict diets your metabolism also slows down a lot, about 20-30%. With very severe calorie restrictions, that can come with diets, your metabolism can actually slow down by 45%. This happens because you do not eat as much food, meaning your body has less energy to work with, so it has to slow down the metabolism.There are a lot more other problems that occur with quick weight loss. I really don't think losing 20 pounds in 2 weeks is worth the trouble, when you will gain the weight back and going on and off of diets will also make you harder to lose weight in the future. It is much better to adopt good exercise and nutritional habits that you can stick with your whole life.


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