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Fungus Hacks

por Jerome Princy (2019-09-11)

In addition to a lack of side Fungus Hacks Review effects and the anecdotal claims of success, perhaps one of the most attractive aspects to the Nail Tek anti-fungal treatment is its low price. It is definitely no secret that treatments for toenail fungus, either prescription or over the counter, can be rather expensive not only due to the initial cost of the treatments but also because of the sheer length of time they must be used causing the price to quickly add up. At a cost of roughly $7 to $14 per bottle depending on where you buy it, the Nail Tek anti-fungal treatment is gentle enough on the wallet but does it have what it takes to eradicate stubborn nail fungus? Although the manufacturer's website states that their product has been clinically proven, as of the time of this writing we have been unable to find evidence of any serious clinical trials conducted as well as no comparative data on this and similar OTC nail fungus treatments. With such a lack of concrete scientific evidence it is naturally rather difficult to make an informed decision but fortunately, our ongoing consumer survey helps to shed some light on the subject. When consumers were asked if they would recommend this product to others who were suffering from toenail fungus, the answer "yes" never exceeded the 50% mark. Also, the overall satisfaction rate for Nail Tek's anti-fungal OTC treatment varies from 40% to 50% although we are still updating our findings as information becomes available. So, is this treatment really worth trying or should you save your money? The Nail Tek anti-fungal treatment seems to have offered relief to some sufferers of nail fungus but we have been unable to confirm the company's claims of it being the most effective option without a prescription. Your best move would be to explore all of your options carefully and learn as much as possible about the ingredients used in each of them before proceeding onward in order to save time and money while finding the absolute best treatment for you.