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Vision 20/20 Protocol

por Alisa Princy (2019-09-09)

Vision and eye nutrition is very important. Vision 20/20 Protocol Review You only have one set of eyes, it is important to protect them and have proper vision care. With sports, the eyes need to be protected while wearing glasses. The last thing you want is for the glasses to break and cause eye damage. Sturdy frames and special lenses are two aspects of sports eye glasses. In most cases they should be certified as meeting American National Standards Institute qualifications for safety frames and lenses. These frames have special grooves to help keep the lenses from dislodging under impact. The standards also call for higher impact resistance for the lenses. Even though it is still allowed, you should never use a glass lenses for sports activities. Even when produced to safety standards, glass is extremely dangerous compared to high impact resistant modern plastic lens materials. They may not be your everyday glasses and it is probably a good idea that they are not. Saving them especially for sports, keeps them strong and in good working order. Contact lenses are an option for many sports enthusiasts. The wider field of clear peripheral vision can give marked advantages in some sports. Depending on the sport you may still need clear protective goggles over the contacts. While wearing contact lenses during sports can be easier and safer, contact lenses for hard to fit eyes or for those with unusual type of astigmatism, sometimes make it a choice that requires a careful discussion with your optometrist.. Contact lens eye exams will help the optometrist determine the best eye wear for you. Unless you have 20/20 vision, corrective lenses will be prescribed. Even with perfect vision, you should still have protective eye glasses for many sports. Most eye doctors offices carry an array of frames in different styles, colors and shapes to fit most any lifestyle. Let your doctor know whether you are looking for fashion eye wear or sports eye wear. The doctor should be able to point you to the best frames for you. There are designer eye glasses for sports that are very popular and very resistant, giving you the eye protection you need. For those who complain of the sun hurting their eyes, specially designed tinted lenses are in order. There are many choices for eye protection that include options like protection from ultraviolet rays and anti-reflection coatings to improve the crispness of vision.