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por Jerome Princy (2019-09-07)

Macular degeneration is a problem Igenics Review that everyone dreads having to go through, but many people will have to deal with it at some time in your life. Most people that experience is are over the age of 40. To help you slow down or prevent this problem from happening to you, there are some important tips you need to know. See an eye doctor - It is important that you see an eye doctor for a yearly checkup. You can ask them to test for this problem so you know for sure whether or not you have it or not. This will tell you whether you need to slow it down or whether you will be taking steps to prevent it. Protect your eyes - When you are out in the sun, you want to protect your eyes from it. This is important because UV-A and UV-B rays can cause oxidization of your retina, which will contribute to this problem. It is very important for babies to protect the eyes, as the eyesight is just at a developmental stage. It is known to all that the health of eyes is maintained by the balance of work and rest. For example, children should not read books or watch TV constantly for a long time. They should do the eye exercises regularly. In fact, some foods containing certain nutrients like vitamins and calcium can also help babies protect the eyes effectively. Protein is one of the main compositions of the human tissues. The repair and renewal of the tissues need a large amount of protein. Lean meat, animal livers, fish, milk and eggs contain abundant animal protein, and bean products contain rich vegetable protein.