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Vision 20/20 Protocol

por Alisa Princy (2019-09-06)

Eye strain is one of the most common Vision 20/20 Protocol Review problems especially amongst office workers who use the computer everyday. There are, however, a number of exercises that you can do for your eyes to alleviate eye strain and they don't take very long at all to do. This article has a couple of tips on easing eye strain before talking about a simple exercise called palming which is renowned for helping relieve eye strain. Tips to alleviate Eye Strain Eye strain is often caused when you are focusing on something still for too long. For example, an office worked who is typing a document or using a computer for an extended period of time is likely to be subject to some kind of eye strain at some point in his / her working life. It's not a serious condition, but it can be if you don't react to it. Remember, it is your body's way of saying that something isn't quite right - your body is giving you a sign so that you can do something about it. If you are an office work on a computer all day then you should get into the habit of looking around the office at objects that are further than 20 feet away every 10 minutes or so. This gives your eye a break from the screen and relaxes the muscles in the retina. ll over your body - not just your eyes. If you have trouble relaxing or get bored then walk around or move a bit to get the blood flowing again. After a bit of practice you start to enjoy your times of relaxation and look forward to it during the day. A simple 5 - 10 minute exercise of palming can really make a huge difference to your eyes and the strain that it is being put under. This has got to be one of the more famous wives tales out there. However, the relationship between carrots and eyesight correction isn't completely disparate. Allow me to explain. The problem with eating carrots to improve your eyesight is that you'd probably have to eat about 1Kg of these things to notice any additional benefit, by which time you'd probably be ill in hospital and wouldn't be able to realise the benefits anyway! More seriously, the reason carrots were considered as a food that may improve eyesight is actually due to the vitamin A that is held within this vegetable. Vitamin A is quite an important substance for the eyes because it is responsible for the maintenance of the cornea and a deficiency can cause a few problems with regards to eyesight.