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Vision 20/20 Protocol

por Jerome Princy (2019-09-05)

Acuvue Oasys for astigmatism contact Vision 20/20 Protocol Review lenses feature what is referred to as an accelerated stabilization design and the company's Hydraclear Plus for maximum moisture, both of which contribute to the lens' ability to provide comfort, clear visibility, and can allow wearers to use them for longer periods of time for all-day comfort. The lenses also provide a remarkable 98% breathability rate, providing a substantial amount of oxygen to the eye, unlike many different types of contacts out there. Nowadays, probably, everyone knows that any equipment representing visual information hurts our eyes. In spite of this fact, modern life without TV or computer seems impossible. So we should try our best to protect your eyes from the harmful effects of computer monitor and TV display. There are some basic principals which help you protect your eyes: The fact usual monitors and TV displays blink every second. It's easy to notice when monitor is shown on TV. That's why it's better to use HD- monitors and plasma panels, they give less stress to eyes. Try to make display image maximally clear. Fortunately, all modern TV and monitors have special feature control definition. To eliminate interference from the TV screen buy quality external antenna or satellite. If you often use computer it's necessary to buy video card that doesn't distort the real image. Beside take notice to VGA-cable of monitor, it can be source of additional interference. Those who spend much time sitting at computer should set more high brightness for picture and video review, and less high brightness for texts. But notice: eye perceives middle brightness of image, that's why it's useless to set up too high or too low brightness. Moreover clean screen of monitor regularly, layer of dust and dirt can be the reason of bad display quality too.