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por Lovely Soul (2019-08-26)

More and more people fall in love with small iGenics Review frame eyeglasses which on one hand is rather light and artistic, and on the other hand, could present the wearers a gentle and cultivated look. Eyeglasses used for vision correction, like myopia glasses, have three functions. The first and foremost one, of course, is to correct vision. Eyeglass wearers are able to get a clear vision by wearing glasses; next, glasses constitute a protection for eyes from harmful rays, for example UV; last but not the least, glasses could beautify faces if one wears suitable ones. Then as a result from the small size of small eyeglasses, more harmful rays are more possibly to directly shine upon eyes, which is rather harmful for eye health. It should be a common knowledge that the fact of continuous increasing number of cataract patients contributes to the severe destroy to ozone sphere, resulting in more UV falling upon eyes. Therefore, small eyeglasses, in the meantime when they narrow the clear vision for glass wearers, increase the possibility for their eyes to get more harmful radiations. This is especially important for children who are in their growth phase. Not taken notice enough, their eyes would suffer from more diseases than one could imagine.