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por Lovely Soul (2019-08-23)

If you are considering Lasik eye surgery it's iGenics Review important for you to do a little bit of prior research and know the risks involved. Advances in technology and procedure have dramatically decreased the likelihood of complications from Lasik surgery, but no medical procedure if fool proof. Complications and unexpected results are still possible. The following are just some of the possible issues. Before an ophthalmologist begins the actual procedure of reshaping the cornea, he cuts a "hinged" flap into the surface tissue and lifts it out of the way. When the reshaping procedure is complete the flap is brought back down and put in place. If the corneal flap is cut incorrectly it can wrinkle, causing an irregular shape in the cornea. In most cases this condition can be corrected with a second surgery. DLK is a condition of excess inflammation at the sight of the corneal flap, usually beneath it. Minor inflammation is normally expected from Lasik surgery, but if it is too severe or lasts too long it can cause further damage to the eye, creating more vision problems. Antibiotics and steroids are the most effective treatment for DLK.