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Cinderella Solution

por Shanu Sweet (2019-08-21)

Made from the flower of the Konjac plant, Cinderella Solution Review it's sometimes referred to as the Elephant Yam. These noodles are calorie and carb free. They can replace pasta in recipes removing unwanted glucose and extra starches. The noodle is a powerhouse of soluble fiber. The glucomannan fiber base of manose and sucrose sugars, becomes an emollient mass slowing digestion and improving metabolic function. For those concerned with weight or even cholesterol, the yam noodle's fiber content aides in weight loss and lowering cholesterol. Its Atkins approved, and this pasta substitute has zero points if you're counting points for other popular diets. Powdered yam flour is used to make the noodles. It's actually the dried root of the Konjac plant. Not an actual tuber, the yam in Asia has been a main staple of their diets for centuries. It can make more than just yam noodles. It can be used to make jelly that is also known as Snake Palm or Voodoo Lily. A native perennial of Asia, the yam has been used in several "cooler" noodle dishes in the warm summer months. It is available anytime and for any season.