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por Shanu Sweet (2019-08-19)

The type of lenses that is used for one-time Lutenol Review only fit 75% of the optical distortion cases. Also, this type of contact lenses requires the same care that is required by the conventional lenses. There are two types of lenses: soft (flexible) and rigid (hard) lenses, but the second characteristic (rigid) is no longer fully applicable to the modern lenses, according to the German Consumer Protection Association. Experts say that the rigid and dry lenses are the least expensive in the long run. They float on a thin layer of drops of tears and secretions of the eye which allows the access of oxygen and basic nutrients to the eye. Microbes and germs causing eye diseases, and chemical substances cannot adhere to the surface of the hard lenses, so it cannot hurt the eye. Also, the age of these lenses is limited to no more than 18 months. The flexible lenses are the second resort if the person intends to wear it all day. This type of lenses is easy to get used to and if you work in dusty environments, you will find that this type of lenses causes less irritability to the eye, and it can be used for up to a full year.