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por Shanu Sweet (2019-08-16)

Boxing is a great exercise that burns a Meratol Review lot of calories. If you are doing it intensively, it can burn about seven hundred calories per hour. As compare to the boring jogging, it is burning more calories. Besides losing weight, it also builds muscle mass. With the increase in muscle mass, your body will burn fat. When you are pounding on punching bag, you are actually performing resistance training. When you create muscle, your metabolic rate will increase, which in turn burn more calories after the workout. You will still need to watch your diet when you are doing boxing as a form of exercise to lose weight. It is always advisable to have five small meals a day. Each meal should contain protein to help your muscle grows. The meal can be as simple as whole grain bread and egg. Breakfast is important. A good recommendation will be oatmeal. To successfully lose weight through boxing, you will like to need to be discipline. Make a decision on how many times you are going to do the boxing exercise and stick to the plan. For beginner, you should start off with two to three times a week.