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Cinderella Solution Review

por Cynthia Richards (2019-08-12)

Hence your muscles will waste and your fat will remain! Cinderella Solution Any weight loss achieved this way is very rarely maintained since, when you start to eat 'normally' again, your Calorie intake increases but your BMR remains low and so the body stores the Calories as fat. The key is to maintain your Calorific intake at not less than about 2500 Calories per day (depending on your gender & weight) by means of small but frequent meals. Eat mostly lean protein such as chicken, turkey, fish, eggs and pulses (e.g. beans) and lean fibrous carbohydrates such as leaf vegetables (e.g. broccoli), mushrooms and cucurtaceae, (e.g. squash, cucumber, marrow, melon etc) top off with wheat starchy carbohydrates (whole wheat bread, brown rice, etc.). Minimise fats and sugars and limit fruit in the evening, as it contains sugars which will affect your insulin levels and can hinder weight loss. In order to maintain an adequate BMR to allow you to lose weight, you will need to increase your levels of exercise to ensure that your body burns about 500 Calories more than you consume each day.