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Brain C-13

por Shanu Sweet (2019-08-02)

Then discuss your concerns with the doctor and your Brain C-13 Review family member if you think that's in their best interest. If not, plan a visit to the doctor without your family member to discuss your concerns and get advice from him. Laws protecting patient privacy always need to be respected, but the originals of the Medical Power of Attorney will make it easier for those named in the document to gain access to the doctor. If the doctor is a general practitioner, ask for a referral to a geriatric specialist who deals specifically with Alzheimer's. Ask questions about how to handle the situation. Do you tell your loved one you suspect a problem? How do you get them to a doctor to be tested without upsetting them? I know families who have told their loved one he/she had Alzheimer's. Others were advised not to tell because the victim will often turn on the ones who give him that information. Our family member is now over six years into the disease and she still has no idea there is a problem.