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por Shanu Sweet (2019-07-31)

Of course this can be a viable enterprise, but Sqribble Review you can run the risk that the third party publishers may actually reject your work. Even with acceptance, your work could still end up being watered down to the point that your message gets lost and ends up with no resemblance to the original work you created. One other problem is that only a percentage of the profits of your sales will make it's way to you. However, self-publishing can offer a more unique advantage. Self-publishing your very own eBook gives you the freedom of self expression without the possibility of rejection from a third party editor or publisher. This enables you to remain in complete artistic control of your own work, including it's price-setting, contents and design. You will also be able to retain all of the rights to your own eBook and have the ability to edit or change anything at your own responsible personal decision, without having to answer to anyone else. You get to keep all of your profits from your eBook sales. To put it plainly, you are completely independent.