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Hydralyft Review

por Cynthia Richards (2019-07-30)

Unfortunately, decreased penile sensation is an inevitable HydraLyft certainty for most men. Simple aging can often lead many men to long for their erections of old: erections that stood hard and steadfast, and often were accompanied by a low refractory period between sex or solo-love. Don't believe it? Look at all of the money spent each year to reverse the loss of sensation in the penis! Cialis, Viagra, and scores of others, some more exotic in origin, are popped like Hubba Bubba in hopes that penile sensitivity returns. What some men don't realize is there are other ways to fight decreased penile sensitivity that doesn't rely on little blue pills. Some take a simple identification of the cause to find the remedy. Let's take a look at some causes of decreased penile sensation and how to get it back. Age - This is one that is hard to treat! Or is it? As men age, their bodies evolve into their next phase, generally one that is a bit slower than their exuberant youth. The blood vessels that direct blood flow in and out of the penis also grow older and slow with age. While age is inevitable, there are several tips to help an older man increase sensation in his penis. Stay away from food prior to sex (the body won't have to put energy toward digestion), exercise prior to sex to get the blood pumping, and one thing that's often overlooked is to enjoy sexual activity during the part of the day when more alert and energetic.