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The Memory Hack

por Cynthia Richards (2019-07-27)

The results from ADHD new research has been giving The Memory Hack Review kids and parents new hope. What was originally seen as a behavior problem is now viewed as a medical condition with real symptoms. As a result, a variety of treatments have been studied so that parents and physicians can better address children's needs. The new studies for ADHD have looked at this disorder and determined multiple treatment modalities that can give a better overall result. While some parents believe that stimulants and other drugs are the only solution, other parents are using biofeedback, a good diet and natural remedies with great success. The reason prescription medications are so well known is that they are advertised in the media and promoted more often by the medical establishment. One of the alternatives that the new studies for ADHD have shown to be effective is biofeedback or EEG treatment. In one study, this type of therapy was shown to reduce ADHD symptoms by 25%. Unfortunately, this was not a double-blind study, so although promising, this technology requires further study. With regard to ADHD, new research has shown that just getting kids out in nature can alleviate symptoms. Not only will some time in the sun give your child much-needed vitamin D, it will also help your child to focus better. This research comes out of the University of Illinois and shows that in many ways, returning to a simpler, more natural approach to life is better and more beneficial for all of us, especially those who are struggling with disorders.