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Brain C-13

por Shanu Sweet (2019-07-25)

The tortured artist stereotype, of the visual Brain C-13 Review artist working on paintings in dark somber hues for day after day in a bid to hold off depression, or the writer who churns out inhuman amounts of top-quality work on a manic high, is very common. All of these things have been chronicled in movies and so many other places. How about the mad scientist? We always hear of this as well. Researches and scholars still don't all agree on the answer. There are several studies which indicate a correlation between creativity and mental illness, however. These are pretty intriguing to say the very least. The first, conducted by Stanford University School of Medicine, looked at measures of artistic creativity in children. They found that kids with higher risk of eventually developing bipolar disorder (because a parent also had bipolar disorder, or because they have ADHD) score significantly higher on measures of artistic creativity than do children who are not at elevated risk for bipolar disorder. This is a compelling finding, and medical professionals intend to explore the issue further. Then again, some of these children may have been on mental stimulants like ridalin or adderall so it's hard to say whether this played an influence or not.