Human Trafficking and International Human Rights Law: a Brazilian perspective.

Tatiana de Almeida F. R. Cardoso, Rafaela Steffen G. da Rosa


Human trafficking is one of the most problematic issues the international community has to fight against in the XXI century. It is related to the most heinous crimes against human beings, such as slavery and minors’ prostitution just to name but a few, directly inflicting in violations of men’s intrinsic rights. Therefore, at first, this paper aims in presenting the issue tracking the prospects both internationally and domestically, focusing in the Brazilian society reality. Subsequently, it reviews the existing laws that fight human trafficking, mainly exposing what obligations they set to nations, and also how Brazil is implementing such global prescriptions. Above and beyond, this article exposes how human trafficking and human rights relate, as a fundamental approach to understand why the fight against it is currently deemed so important. And, finally it set forth the real necessities to effectively stop it. For that matter, an expositive approach was performed, reviewing the existing literature and exploring Brazilian and international legislation on the matter.

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