Modern testimony hearing in virtual space

Reza Najafloo, Ghafoor Khoueeni, Abolhasan Mojtahed Soleymani


The judiciary, as one of the main driving powers in any country, has got some addressees who expect it meet their needs. These addressees, either those who directly and actually play roles in a case or those who are influenced by judicial decisions, expect the best performance in the shortest time using modern methods and sciences specifically in terms of testimony, which is unfortunately considered necessarily in-court due to the strict traditional view and attitude of the judges and courts. This has caused that the virtual space and the modern electronic technology have no position in the process of hearing the witnesses’ testimonies in the courts. Inspired by the modern laws of the United States of America that is pioneer in applying the witnesses’ testimony in virtual space and remotely, the present paper seeks to investigate its advantages and disadvantages and persuade the legislators and court judges to do their best in optimally using and exploiting these sciences in their modern fair judgment procedure based on technology progress in the contemporary era. 


witness testimony, virtual space, telephone conference, electronic judgment procedure, social networks

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