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How To Play Padel The Complete Guide To Be Aware Of

por Agnes Crofts (2022-02-21)

Padel is in the long run! The racket sport is making waves across the globe however its origins are debated. However, padel was only officially recognized as a game in 1974. It is still played according to current rules. The sport has experienced an increase in popularity across Europe in recent years. In Sweden, padel is the fastest growing sport and there are padel clubs popping up in every city. Yet, most people are not familiar with the technique of playing padel. Learn how to play padel, what you need and the rules that apply.

What is the best way to play Padel?

Padel (or tennis, or padel) is a racket game that can best be described as a cross between tennis and squash. It's a fun, social sport that is accessible to all ages and simple to master. The great advantage of padel (and likely the reason why it is so well-known) is that it's suitable for all levels and ages as it isn't dependent on strength and serving the needs of a player. Padel is about teamwork and strategy between the player and his partner, and less about power.

Padel is played mostly in doubles. Like tennis, padel is played on a surface which is divided by a net. The different is that in Padel, the player utilizes walls, just as in squash. A regular padel pitch is 10x20 m in size and is surrounded by walls. This is a great pitch for doubles play. Padel can be played on a smaller pitch (6 x 20m).

A player three padel rackets, and Check More Details Here a ball

Padel is a simple sport that doesn't require many accessories. It requires a partner, two rackets and a ball. The padel rackets are made of a composite material and the surface of the ball is covered with tiny holes. In the end, the strokes are less powerful and dynamic. Padel rackets are available in three distinct shapes: round, drop-shaped and diamond-shaped. Because it gives the best control, the round padel racket is believed to be the most suitable for the majority of players, from beginner to competition level. The round racket is commonly called the control racket. Padel is a game similar to tennis, but somewhat softer.

Padel rules

Padel rules are like tennis in the sense that you bounce the ball over the ground with a level below your hips. There are special rules in place for the walls. Padel matches typically consist out of three to five sets. A set is the initial winning side that has won six games. Padel is a sport where you earn points when you win.

The ball bounces twice on the opposing side.
The opponent's opponent is able to kick the ball in the net
The opponent hits the ball against one of your walls i.e. outside of the cage or against one of your walls
The ball is then smashed into their grid
an opponent is hit by the ball.