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por Edmund Macqueen (2022-06-12)

Soccer is the most popular kind of sport. the main rule to score with the ball into the gates of opponents, using in this case any part of the body except the arms. Victory goes to the athletes who made more throws. Football appeared in 1863. England is considered the birthplace of football .

Soccer History

Goal-based entertainment used in ancient Greece, Rome, and China. Game were purely for entertainment . in the 20th century the game became a student pastime. There were no general rules. In some countries it was strictly forbidden to touch the ball with your hands . Somewhere it was allowed to throw the ball with the fingers.
In 1846 passed a real football tournament. In England several universities have agreed to play together. Students selected arbitrators and came up with general requirements. In 1857 the first professional club of Sheffield was established . 20 years athletes from all over the world have created modern football. Only in 1971 approved the regulations, the size of the goal and the structure of the ball were approved . In the same year the FA Cup was organized. In 1891 new provisions appeared. The term "Penalty" appeared . The throw was appointed as a penalty for breaking the game rules .
When football became popular

Football became really popular in 1880. The number of cubes within the football association has reached 100 pieces . If in the beginning it was an entertaining game , since 1981 there have been rumors that the players are getting money. The international community reacted negatively to monetary relations . For footballers those receiving money were not allowed to represent the country at major matches, and club, seen paying money, expelled from association . In 1885 footballers allowed to receive money for sports achievements . In the same year created a soccer league, calling its players professional workers .When football became popular

Fame came to football in 1880. The association includes more than 100 clubs. Previously, football was an amateur sport, since 1981 there have been rumors that the players are getting money. Society did not want to accept money games. For athletes on salary banned from representing the country in national competitions , and club, breaking the rule , expelled from association . In 1885 players allowed to receive money for sports achievements . at the same time created a soccer league, its members became footballers.

In 1872 the first international football match has ended. In match competed players from England and Scotland. In 1904 the football association held a meeting in Paris . Members of the Association made a decision change the organization . So, it appeared popular company Fifa. Initially, international meetings were called the Olympic Games. With the advent of Fifa . The tournament is now called the YEFA Cup. Uruguay is the first to win the Fifa Cup . Competitions are held once every 2 years . In 2020 Due to the Covid-19 outbreak the game has been canceled for the first time.