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Top Concerts Coming Up In London In Summer 2011

por Richelle McCallum (2021-03-11)

Post-grunge band kiss 918 Seether will be performing at the Rockstar Energy Uproar Festival in Denver on Wednesday with bands Avenged Sevenfold, 72 hrs Grace, Sevendust, Art of Dying, Bullet for My Valentine, Escape the Fate, Black Tide and Hell or Highwater. Seether is: Shaun Morgan (vocals), Dale Stewart (bass), and John Humphrey (drums).

On October 6th 2011 at 6:30pm Casting Crowns will be at Abravanel Hall for the Come into the Well Tour with Sanctus Real, The Afters and kiss918 Lindsey McCaul.

Celebrated artist Kerry Awn arrives wearing a Soap Creek Saloon shirt of his own design. Some might know Awn as Ronnie Velveeta from the cast on the Esther's Follies comedy troupe. Awn also plays while Uranium Savages, Texas' acclaimed comedy kiss918. He's been a Uranium Savage since 1974. Awn is plus a stylish close Sahm family family. Shawn Sahm likes to say, "The Sahm kids were raised by Savages." Awn gives Dawn Sahm a huge hug, and also the two start to catch up and reminisce about Doug. There is not a cloud in the night sky.

The band (vocalist Lusine "Lou" Gevorkyan, bassist Vitaly "Vit" Demidenko, guitarists Ruben "Rou" Kazarian and Sergey "Serzh" Ponkratiev, and drummer Leonid "Pilot" Kinzbursky) have a sound as a result undeniable and fresh. They rock hard, kiss 918 but with a message. Lou's vocals are impressive, completely wrong the least, and their songs are catchy through having an definite fringe.

LOUNA can be an award winning kiss 918 with a rabid following in the Russian Federation; winning the 2009 "Best New Artist for the Year" award from the Russian Alternative Music Prize (RAMP), as well as picking in the 2012 "Female Vocalist from the Year" Nashe Award.

I am currently working on a full debut. A fall I'm planning on going in on the studio with Ben Flint at Electrical Audio. And also course, I will continue perform out as frequently as my physical limits allow.

That being said, area itself feeds artists like myself. Chicago is like a candle that never burns down. Being successful something going on, always somewhere to go, always people to determine and hear, and that must be enables my creativity. Everything I write is about Chicago.

Shandon Sahm is the drummer for the punk-country/psychedelic-rock band the Meat Puppets. Additionally has a solo career as the glam-rock frontman for Shandon Sahm group of musicians.