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The Best Skate Parks in The World - Belverdere

por Louvenia Hiller (2021-07-08)

The rise of skate parks over the past 10 years has seen the skate culture take on a new level in equipment and fashion. Having the facilities to practice and experience the skating lifestyle many individuals have been signed up to major brands.
This investment by major brands has put significant money back into the skating industry therefore new skate parks are being created in various locations to seek out new talent and a new generation of skaters. Local parks are the foundation in which skateboarding has been built and redevelopment of areas is only beneficial to the community and increase the reputation of skaters.

This investment into parks and skate culture has seen the skating scene reach the high street with the introduction of skate shoes and skate clothing being mass-produced by leading brands including Vans and Adidas.

This skate culture and demand for skate fashion has seen the selection and growth in the market dramatically increase online and on the high street. This exposure to the mass market has built up the reputation of skateboarding and improved the facilities now available in new and improved parks.

We take a look at the skate park in Belvedere, Los Angeles.

A recently developed area in LA, this park was built in 2007 and covers 19,000 square feet and includes a mixture of verticals, street and tranny for all abilities. The park is publicly owned so is part of the community which adds to the respect and reputation of the skaters that go there.
Many of the skaters that come to the park are from the local neighbourhood and can be seen there every day, visitors to the park are also very common, and this is a community skate park which is enjoyed by the skating community as a whole.

The Belvedere skate park offers a range of features that make it one of the best parks for diversity.

The park involves a range of vertical ramps that attract the most interest among the top skaters to practice their skills. There is also a street section that incorporates a variety of obstacles; this is where most of the skaters hang out to practice tricks and new ideas.

The park is completely free to use and can be used by locals and visitors at the same time.

There are safety requirements on the skate park including helmet, knee pads and elbow pads. As with all public parks you can potentially get away without wearing safety gear but you run the risk of getting a ticket from the local authorities. This skate park at Belvedere is one of the best skate parks because of the facilities and culture surrounding the community skate park.

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