Panorama of Brazilian Law 2017 Issue

Panorama of Brazilian Law 2017 Issue 

The editors of “Panorama of Brazilian Law” are glad to announce its fifth online issue, the first as part of UERJ's Portal to Electronic Publications.

Editorial Note for the 2017 Issue:

In 1992, a group of prominent Brazilian scholars led by Professors Jacob Dolinger (Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro - UERJ) and Keith Rosenn (University of Miami) created the journal Panorama of Brazilian Law as an attempt to provide reliable legal information on Brazilian law for non-Portuguese speakers. Originally planned as a yearbook, the ancient PBL presented papers related to several branches of Brazilian law written by respected authors. Due to several reasons, this groundbreaking project did not go ahead at that time and the inaugural issue was the only one released. In order to rescue the goals and ideas of the original project, the first number of the new Panorama of Brazilian Law was issued in 2013 covering several brands of Brazilian law. In 2015, on a renewed effort to narrow the gap of academic knowledge between Brazil and other legal systems, together with the annual number in which 17 articles were featured, the ever first legendary 1992 issue of Panorama of Brazilian Law became available online.
Although having UERJ as its alma mater, Panorama of Brazilian Law was kept as an independent project. In 2017, for the first time the journal was submitted to and promptly endorsed by Universidade do Estado Rio de Janeiro, which became its home. Now, the editors present this fifth issue of Panorama of Brazilian Law, the first as a part of the Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro’s Portal to Electronic Publications, composed by 14 articles covering several branches of the Brazilian legal order, available in the electronic magazine format ( or which allows a broader perspective for the broadcasting of articles and reaching of a greater number of potential researchers. For this issue, papers written in English, French and Spanish were accepted. The tolerant and plural perspective of the project, which is opened to all branches of Brazilian law, was determinant for choosing not to establish a hermetic format concerning the logical organization of the articles – neither with respect to its distribution along the yearbook nor in the organization adopted by authors in its papers. The editors of Panorama of Brazilian Law are pleased with the present success and positive repercussions of the project and hope to provide foreign researchers an ultimate way to access Brazilian law. 
We could not fail to mention that, while the fourth issue came in a moment of sorrow, this fifth issue represents hope. Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro has been showing its strength amid the challenges faced by its maintainer - the State of Rio de Janeiro.
Finally, brilliant young souls have joined Panorama of Brazilian Law’s staff during the past year, strengthening our belief that knowledge is the key tool to overcome fear and proving that some battles are worth fighting.
Brazil, June 2018.

Call for Papers

The editors of “Panorama of Brazilian Law” are glad to announce its call for papers for its forthcoming volume 6.
Papers for the 2018 volume can be received at any time and the evaluation process will respect the chronological order of submission.
Please note:
• Panorama of Brazilian Law will accept for this call papers written in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish or Swedish.
• Papers must be original and unpublished. Versions of papers originally released in Portuguese will be accepted.
• Other formal aspects and criteria for publication are found under “about” > “submissions” > “author guidelines”.