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What Plusnet Unlimited Data Could Be Your Next Big Obsession

por Zulma Donato (2023-01-31)

Plusnet Mobile Phones

Plusnet offers a range of plans that meet your requirements, whether you're traveling to Europe or just want to use your mobile abroad. These include SIM only plans, plusnet sim only compare and plans that allow you to travel to more than 40 destinations in Europe.


Contrary to other mobile providers, Plusnet does not offer pay as you go services or unlimited roaming outside of Europe. Instead it offers SIM-only plans with rolling contracts that last for 30 days. It also offers special deals for broadband customers who are already customers. You can also get a discount on your Plusnet Mobile contract.

Plusnet's standard 4G network is five times faster than the standard 3G network. The speed you experience is determined by the plan you have and number of users. Check your coverage map to determine if you have coverage in your area. You should ask someone else to test your reception at home as tall structures and other obstructions can block signals.

Plusnet's SIM only plans start at only PS8 monthly, which is affordable. You can make unlimited calls and text and can also increase the amount of data you can use if you need it. You can purchase one, two or triple SIM card, based on the amount you require. There are also bolt-ons you can purchase to increase the amount of data that you receive.

If you aren't sure about whether Plusnet is available in your area You can determine through the free interactive network coverage map. In most instances, Plusnet has excellent coverage. It is subject to the weather as well as tree canopy or construction materials.

Plusnet is known for its excellent customer service. It was awarded the Uswitch Best Value for Money award. The company is also known for good broadband packages. It offers very affordable prices when compared with other providers.

Plusnet Mobile is based on EE's network infrastructure. This means you can count on a reliable coverage of 4G throughout the UK. It is the only major provider that provides one-month contracts for one month on EE.

SIM only plans

Buying a SIM only plan for a Plusnet mobile phone is a good option if you need a simple service, but don't want to shell out an excessive amount. These deals are perfect in the event that you need to switch providers within 30 days. This allows you to upgrade to a new plan without having to worry about penalty fees.

Plusnet is an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) which is connected to the EE 4G network. This means that you'll have better coverage than other networks. This includes 86 percent coverage for indoor premises and 93% of geographic coverage. You'll also be able make calls to over 40 EU destinations.

Plusnet offers a variety plans to meet your requirements. They are available from 500MB with a limited amount of call allowance and up to 18GB of data with unlimited calls and texts. You can also take advantage of Plusnet's Roam Like at Home Policy which gives you unlimited calls and texts in more than 45 countries.

You may also opt to have a higher data allowance for travel abroad however, this could require you to pay a small fee. The Plusnet SafeGuard parental controls system lets you manage your family's online activities and manage the websites you're connected to. It also blocks adult content and violent images.

Plusnet has been praised for its broadband, landline and mobile services. It is also known for its affordable rates and exceptional customer service. It has won numerous accolades for its UK-based call centers. It recently received 43 complaints for every 100,000 customers.

Plusnet also has a variety of TV deals, including a no-cost month of BT Sport. You'll also get access to an additional 2GB of data each month if you have Plusnet broadband.

The 4G network of EE

EE is the second-largest mobile network. The network covers a broad variety of places. There are over 23 million customers who are part of EE's network. With 700 stores in its portfolio, the company has an impressive retail presence. It also provides fibre broadband to over 11 million locations. EE offers a forum for customers for customers to ask questions.

The company offers a wide variety of plans. The most affordable plan offers the potential for a theoretical speed of up to 60Mbps. Broadband customers also receive a 2GB data increase each month from EE. EE's customer service team is available seven days a week and 24 hours a day. They can be reached via telephone, email and chat on the internet.

EE's 4G network covers more than 99percent of the population. It operates on the 700MHz 3600MHz, and 800MHz bands. It covers 93% of indoor premises and 86% of the geographic area. It has been rated the fastest UK network for 4G speeds.

Plusnet is among the cheapest VNOs that are based on EE's network. They offer affordable monthly tariffs and SIM-only plans. The company offers excellent customer service and is a good value for money. It has been awarded Best Value for Money by Uswitch in two consecutive years.

In addition to its mobile service, Plusnet has good value IPTV broadband, IPTV, and landline services. They are also well-known for their exceptional customer service. EE manages several UK MVNO brands.

If you're looking to find out the EE 4G network's coverage in your area you can do it with the EE coverage checker. If you are looking for a cheap SIM-only plan, select a plan that comes with unlimited texts. Smarty and Giffgaff also have lower plans.

There are plans to travel to more that 40 EU destinations

Plusnet mobile phones can get you closer to your favourite destinations in Europe and beyond, in addition to being a reliable provider of home broadband. Not only are you able to call, text and browse the web on the go and also get the latest and greatest in 5G-enabled smartphones like the iD Mobile or Voxi. In fact certain handsets boast the best 5G/LTE speeds available in the UK.

Not all mobile service providers are the same. You might need to purchase an additional roaming plan to get the most of your data allowance. This can leave you with bill that is eye-watering. Giffgaff for instance has reduced its data allowance to five gigabytes instead of 20 GB. It's a smart way to make the most out of your travels by downloading any media or applications that you might have missed at home.

There are a variety of providers which offer various features. It is crucial to read the fine print. Logging into your account is a good way to begin. You can also consult the customer support team who will be more than happy to help. In the end, you might be surprised to learn that Plusnet doesn't have many mobile deals. T-Mobile may be a better choice. While T-Mobile does offer a few plans that let you use roaming for free internationally however, it's not a feature for every plan.

Other aspects to think about include the amount you'll pay. You should also take into consideration whether you will be charged to access the internet through your mobile phone when you're outside the country. In these instances it's not a bad idea to think about a pre-paid deal from a non-EU-based mobile provider.


Plusnet mobile phone rates are ideal for those searching for a SIM-only broadband service. You can find special deals which make the cost cheaper. A Plusnet plan will ensure you an affordable and flexible contract.

Plusnet offers a variety of SIM only plans with limited monthly data allowances. These plans are available in a variety locations including Europe. They come with unlimited texts and call minutes. These are suitable for light data users. However, you will have to top up your minutes.

If you're looking to make more calls and calls, there are more expensive Plusnet plans with more allowances. These plans do have small charges for data usage abroad. For instance, plusnet compare sim card's Roam Like At Home plans permit you to use your monthly allowance in more than 40 European destinations. These plans are affordable and also provide access to 4G.

Plusnet also comes with a Smart Cap feature, which stops text messages, picture messages, premium rate calls , and data usage. This is a great feature that can be used to increase the amount of data you can use per month.

Plusnet offers a variety of deals for broadband customers, as well as these bolt-ons. These include special offers on data bundles. There are numerous benefits to signing up to plusnet sim only compare ( Plusnet plan, including competitive prices and a good customer service reputation.

Make sure you check the coverage map for your location prior to buying the phone. EE, the network that Plusnet utilizes, has a better signal strength than other networks.

Plusnet has also been recognized for its excellent value the money spent on landline services. The company has won many awards for this service.