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How To Sim Only Deals Best In Three Easy Steps

por Virgilio Ortega (2023-02-02)

If you're looking for a low-cost phone deal, you need to know what's on offer from the top networks in the UK. This article will concentrate on BT, EE and Plusnet. These networks offer various types of deals, and we'll explain the best ways to find the best mobile sim only deals one for you.


If you are seeking a low-cost contract SIM, BT mobile has many great deals to pick from. The company offers monthly deals with the latest smartphones and a lot of its deals come with unlimited texts and minutes. These contracts do not have any upfront costs, and many come with a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the service.

BT also offers family SIM plans for families. These plans permit up to five people to use a single mobile, and it is possible to add additional SIMs to the plan at a discount. Each SIM card has different data allowances, so you can select the one that is most suitable for you and your family. BT allows you to control the content settings of each SIM and parental controls.

The contracts for BT SIM only deals last between 12 and 24 months. There are a variety of allowances for data, ranging ranging from very low to high. BT also lets you keep your current number should you decide to switch it later.


If you're looking to get an SIM-only plan at a low price or a contract that comes with a lot of benefits, EE's offers are the best option. With a range of monthly data caps as well as smart benefits, there's an package that will meet your needs. For instance, a 50GB data plan with a no-cost Apple Music subscription is a fantastic deal.

When you evaluate EE UK SIM Only deals, you'll notice that they're far more flexible than handset contracts. SIM Only deals often include unlimited text, calls, and data. Some SIM Only deals include 5G data. You can also share data with family and friends without worrying about exceeding the allowance.

Another fantastic feature is EE's Stay connected Data feature. This feature allows you to receive high-speed data even if your phone is lost. Additionally, you can receive a data gift from family members. It's easy to switch to EE from an existing service. You'll retain your existing phone number and keep your current PAC number.


Sim-only deals are an excellent option for people who don't use a lot of data but still want a simple plan at an affordable cost. Plusnet offers a variety of SIM only deals that cover all the necessities of daily life, including texting or calling, as well as browsing. The various plans provide different amounts of minutes and data. Monthly fees are low, and SIM only plans are also available in rolling contracts.

Plusnet is an e-commerce network that is smaller and relies on the EE infrastructure. This allows the network to compete against the majors in the area by providing better coverage and speeds. However, there are some disadvantages to Plusnet SIM only plans, like data limitations and no inclusive roaming beyond the UK.

Plusnet also has an intelligent cap that allows you to limit the amount of data you use beyond your plan. This smart cap will give you more flexibility in the amount of data you use, and you can modify it at any time you wish. Plusnet unlike other providers, allows you to change SIMs during your contract.


If you're in search of a SIM-only plan for your new phone or a monthly contract that includes unlimited data, Sky is a good choice. Sky is a quad-play provider and offers services for mobiles, TV, home phone, home broadband and TV. SIM-only plans are perfect for those who don't need much data. You can upgrade or downgrade your plan each month, and carry the data you don't used for three years. Sky also has a range of customization options to help you choose the right plan.

Sky mobile has 4G speeds and coverage across the UK at 99percent. Sky mobile also provides free streaming, so you won't have to worry whether you'll run out of data while watching your video. Sky Mobile Roll allows you to carry over any data that's not utilized for up to three years, and then cash it in for discounts and rewards. And said the company has UK call centers If you have any questions or issues they'll be available to assist.


Virgin Mobile is a leading provider of SIM-only deals across Britain. It offers micro, standard, and nano SIM cards for its customers. These cards are compatible with older phones that do not have a SIM card. However, if you are switching networks make sure to get an unlocked phone and SIM card.

It is important to know that Virgin Mobile SIMs are issued with a new number. If you're still using your old number, you can request number porting. This can be completed at the time of checkout or after the SIM arrives. You can use the SIM with an unlocked phone.

Virgin Mobile SIM-only contracts are cheaper than contract plans. Since they don't have additional charges for the phone, SIM-only plans tend to be cheaper than contract plans. It is generally cheaper to get a SIM-only deal than to sign up for a phone contract. Discounts for existing customers can also save you money.


If you're planning to travel internationally or working in the country where roaming costs are high, you'll want to look into Lebara SIM only plans. These SIM-only plans come with international calling included and are made for international travelers. They also offer calls to countries like India as well as cheap texts. Additionally, you can change plans at any time without having to sign a contract.

Lebara is an international network operator with a great coverage network and excellent rates. International calls and texts are free and the Lebara network offers a top-quality signal. You will also have access to unlimited minutes and texts within the UK. The Lebara network offers reliable coverage in 98% of the UK.

Lebara SIM Only UK plans are a great alternative to contracts with a long term. Unlimited minutes and text messages in the UK will be available. You can also make calls to 40 countries around the world. These plans are comparatively cheap for mobile network plans. You can also connect to your phone to it if you'd like.


Giffgaff UK sim-only deals offer all the advantages of a traditional phone network at a fraction of the price it costs. These plans don't require a contract and provide unlimited data and text messages. The company also allows you to make phone calls and send text messages to other countries at absolutely no cost. There are also variations in the data allowance and coverage within the UK.

There isn't a dedicated customer service number, but users can use the Community for any queries or questions. Giffgaff doesn't offer technical support however you can still get the SIM-only plan at the lowest cost that meets your requirements. Giffgaff has a great reputation for giving out good deals and offers competitive prices.

Giffgaff SIM cards can be used to make calls and send text messages in the UK and overseas. You'll be charged only when your SIM card arrives and you can unsubscribe at anytime. These SIM cards are also compatible with online services which makes them a good option for travellers. They are compatible with 37 countries in Europe and the UK.


O2 UK SIM-only deals allow you to choose the plan that best suits your requirements. You can pick between monthly, year-long or multi-year contracts and select the type of data allowance you want. There are numerous free extras that you can choose from. They can range from free Apple movies and music to discounts on high street stores. Some plans provide access to movie and TV launches early, free apps and discounts at high-street stores.

O2 SIM card offers include unlimited text and phone calls. However the data caps for each plan may differ. Even though the cheapest plan comes with one gigabyte of data, it is not sufficient for heavy usage such as social media. The most popular plan provides five to ten gigabytes data that is enough to browse the internet and other daily usage.


Vodafone is among the most popular mobile network providers in the UK with a wide coverage of 99% of the country , and competitive monthly pay-per-month deals. They also offer sim-only plans which are popular among customers who don't require the extras like data and texts plans. Vodafone is committed to an environmentally sustainable future and has several projects in development. For instance, Vodafone sources 100% of its energy from renewable sources, making it one of the most environmentally sustainable networks in the UK.

Vodafone offers a range of SIM cards that include eSIM, nano sim Only deals unlimited Data, and micro SIM. The micro SIM is an older design replacement for the standard SIM. The nano SIM is smaller than the micro SIM.