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Why Everyone Is Talking About 12 Months Sim Only Offer Right Now

por Torri Haly (2023-01-31)

Why Buy a 12-Month SIM Only Plan?

A 12-month SIM-only plan will help you save money on your mobile phone bill. These plans are compatible with a variety of phones, therefore it's easy to find the one that suits your requirements.


O2 offers SIM-only plans that allow you to test the services of O2 without signing the contract. These plans offer unlimited texts and calls and data rollover. You can pick from a variety of contract lengths, from 30-day contracts to 12-month plans.

O2 offers some of the most appealing SIM-only offers available today. You'll find fantastic deals and many other great goodies from O2 regularly. There are also half-off deals on offer if you're looking to purchase the latest phone. You can also find instructions to set up your phone, as well as procedures in the event your phone is stolen or lost.

O2 also provides data bolt-ons and the company also offers a 'Rolling Plan' that lets customers pay for text messages and data each month. This is ideal for customers who wish to negotiate a great price and also be able to end their contract at any time.

O2 also offers flexible tariffs for its SIM card, meaning you can choose one that best suits your needs. Plans that provide more data than Big Bundles are also located.

There are SIM-only plans , which include six months of Amazon Prime Video, one year of Disney+ and three months of Apple Music for free. These plans also come with unlimited UK texts.

Virgin Mobile

A SIM only plan can be a very beneficial way to save money. There are numerous deals to choose from. Virgin Mobile is one the most value-for-money networks.

Virgin Mobile offers a range of plans to suit every budget. Virgin has been in the UK mobile phone business for more than a decade now and is among the most well-known networks in the country. Virgin Mobile is part of the Virgin Media group. They provide excellent value for money, and their mobile phones are among the most popular in the UK.

Virgin has also joined the 5G bandwagon. They provide 5G coverage in 193 UK towns. They also provide roaming across the European Union. Virgin Mobile plans include a free WiFi hotspot in London. You could also qualify for discounted rates in certain countries. They offer a fantastic deal on a range of phones.

Virgin has also announced a family discount for 12 Month Sim Only Offer customers who purchase a TV or broadband package. They also provide a free phone as a part of their plans. If you want a slick looking mobile phone then Virgin Mobile is for you. They also offer flexible contracts that let you alter your plan at any time.

Virgin Mobile SIM-only plans are the best way to get plenty of data for your money. The best thing about this plan is that it allows you to alter your monthly allowance anytime.


If you're in the market for a smartphone or you want to upgrade your current phone or tablet, an StarHub SIM Only plan is an excellent way to save money and have plenty of data. You can also change your plan to a longer-term contract at any point. This SIM Only plan doesn't require a year-long commitment.

StarHub offers SIM only plans in 12-month as well as 24-month instalment plans. A 12-month plan is the more cost effective of the two. The first six months will include 80GB of data, and after that , you are able to upgrade to a plan that has more data. The plan also includes the Smart WiFi mesh router. If you're a heavy data subscriber, you might be interested in the redONE Unlimited48 plan, which comes with unlimited data for $48 a month.

If you're looking to cut down on your monthly mobile bill, you can choose to pay for your mobile bill using a credit card instead of cash. You might not be eligible for benefits using your credit card to pay for your phone bills.

If you prefer to shop for the lowest price, you can also look into MVNOs like ZYM Mobile which offers contract SIM-only plans. These plans are also cheaper than the retail prices recommended. To be eligible, you'll have to commit at minimum two billing cycles.

To get the most out of your SIM only plan, it's best to pick the one with the most data. This is especially true when you're traveling or need to use your mobile device outside of the country.


Singtel offers a range of SIM-only plans to meet your needs, whether looking for a new phone or switching to a new mobile provider. Its extensive coverage of networks and exceptional customer service have helped make it a top-of-the-line company in the telco industry.

If you're thinking of changing your telecom company and want to switch, you can do so without penalty by signing up to the SIM Only plan. These plans allow you to use your own device and are a cost-effective choice for heavy data users. These plans are useful for parents who want their children to be responsible with their phone usage. These plans allow you the freedom to choose your own plan and let you switch telcos at any time.

Singtel offers a variety of plans including a SIM-Only 12 month sim only offer ( month plan that comes with free data and a free SMS and call bundle. However the free data as well as call and SMS bundles are only applicable to customers who have subscribed to a SIM-Only Starter Pack. You can then choose from several additional bundles.

Singtel's SIM-Only Starter Pack includes free local data for the first 12 months sim only deal months, free 850 minutes of outgoing calls, free local SMS and free MMS add-ons. After 12 months, you'll need to top-up $5 for 20 minutes or $10 for 200 minutes.

If you're looking to upgrade your data package, you can select a SIM-Only+ Plan. With this plan, you can get 120GB of data at $45 per month.


If you're in the market for a new smartphone or you're changing networks, Telstra offers a great selection of prepaid plans available for smartphones. Prepaid plans are flexible and affordable. They offer the best value, but don't sacrifice the quality of the information you receive.

Telstra prepaid plans range from $10-$300. These plans provide large amounts of data and up to 200GB rollover. Unlike normal prepaid plans, Telstra prepaid plans don't include lock-in contracts. You can also add or delete devices, change or add data, and switch plans at any time.

Telstra offers three postpaid plans. The plans offer basic data usage within Australia and international calls to select destinations. They also include entertainment-related content such as movie tickets for a fraction of the cost. Telstra also offers Premium Care Insurance without monthly charges. This insurance is accompanied by an EPL (extra payment-line) fee.

Telstra also offers a variety of SIM-only prepay plans. These plans are available through Belong numobile, Belong, and Tangerine. You can choose between 24-month, 12 month, or 12 Month sim only offer 36-month payment terms. You can also select the phone model from Apple, Samsung, Google and Nokia. You can also select a bundle plan to reduce your monthly bill.

Telstra Prepaid plans offer unlimited standard national text and talk, with no limit on data. The plans also offer unlimited standard international SMS to any country. They are limited to 1.5Mbps however you can select faster speeds if the goal is to browse the internet.

ZYM Mobile

Compared to fixed plans, SIM only mobile plans give the most value for your money. These plans are perfect for those who don't want to pay too much and doesn't want to be tied down with a contract. You can change telcos, or stay with your current provider without worrying about the cancellation fee.

ZYM Mobile offers both contract and non-contract SIM only plans. Both plans offer fair share of benefits. You'll be able to take advantage of bundled products with value added services such as data bundles, text messages and mobile internet. In addition, you can opt to pay for your mobile bill using a credit card. You can also tailor your plans to your needs.

The ZYM Mobile 12 months sim only plan is a good deal for Singaporeans seeking an affordable mobile service provider. It is also one of the most affordable SIM-only plans in the city. But, it's important to examine plans from other mobile carriers before signing up to one.

In addition to the usual suspects, Changi Mobile offers an affordable SIM only plan. Flexi Freedom plans are available for $15 per month. It provides 500 MB of data 200 local outgoing phone calls, and unlimited texts. You can also add-ons like unlimited calls and texts to Singapore numbers, and 2GB of roaming data to certain countries.

If you're seeking a SIM only plan that is more comprehensive, TPG is one option to think about. The 50GB plan is priced at $10 a month and works on several handsets. But, you'll need be looking for a compatible phone. You can also view the list of compatible handsets from the company before you sign an agreement.