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Cam Lock Cable Connectors

por Sandy Mazza (2022-08-10)

For maximum capacity in both hot and cold water applications, two-inch threaded Cam Lock connector units are available from reliable manufacturers. These highly rated accessories are available in both two-inch and six-inch sizes for both hot and cold water applications. They work equally well in residential and commercial applications for commercial boilers, water heaters, and other water heating, cooling, and venting needs.

Each unit is engineered for simple installation using simple panel mount cam lock connector cable assemblies for direct power connections. The units are ideal for applications requiring high-quality performance and durable materials. The two inch version of the cable connector is ideal for connecting two-inch pipe fittings for fast, economical power connection. Two-inch pipe fittings are used for draining and venting water from swimming pool systems, irrigation and de-greasing systems, fireplaces, and other water applications. Eight-inch pipe fittings are best suited for large plumbing jobs requiring system portability, including sewage systems.

The cable assembly is available in various standard cable configurations, depending on application. Available configurations include one, two, and three terminal terminals. One terminal can accommodate a maximum of five electrical wires. Two-inch units have one terminal panel and one accessory mounting plate. Three-inch units have two terminals and one accessory mounting plate.

Connectors are available for both hot and cold water pipe fittings. In the event you liked this informative article in addition to you would want to obtain guidance regarding ball valve adapter generously check out the page. The one-inch units fit one-inch pipe perfectly. The larger models can accommodate two-inch pipes and three-inch fixtures. A dual action feature allows the unit to engage both the hot and cold pipe simultaneously. The optional Teflon coated sleeves enhance product durability.

Cam lock cable connectors are manufactured with an airtight seal to prevent gas leakage while preventing damage to valves and lines. The seal prevents gas flow while locking in the water valve. Cam locks serve as a great tool in preventing gas leakage, thus ensuring the proper functioning of a vent. These accessories are also used to lock out excess moisture from fireplaces and dehumidifiers. It extends the service life of heating and cooling systems, thereby saving energy costs.

Cam lock cable connectors are available for residential and commercial applications. They are easy to install and require minimum mechanical skills. Most products are pre-finished to provide a flawless finish. These accessories are designed to meet the requirements of varying building codes and are a practical choice for any type of venting, plumbing or ventless systems.

The main use of this accessory is to lock out excess moisture from fireplaces and dehumidifiers while preventing gas migration. It is also used to lock in the water valve for plumbing venting systems. For residential applications, it can be used to connect two vent pipes at the same time to ensure that hot air is expelled from both the pipes. It is one of the most important components in a home and its proper maintenance is essential to ensure efficient combustion and less amount of heat loss.

These accessories are made using high quality materials such as iron, brass and stainless steel. However, it is important to note that corrosion resistance is not necessarily present. Proper care should be taken to maintain them. Cam lock cable connectors are available in various colors and finishes. It is advisable to get the ones that blend with the overall interior design. Installation is simple and it is usually a do-it-yourself task that anyone can do.