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Open The Gates For Hair Loss By Using These Simple Tips

por Anton Bixby (2022-09-25)

There are many myths associated with the hair fall, however, one of the biggest myths is that only men suffer from permanent baldness. The truth is, millions of women all over the world suffer from some form of hair loss, and number of such women is increasing exponentially due to various internal and external factors.
Getting that movie star hair has become easier than ever over the last few years. As technology has increased worldwide, so have the basic formulas for hair care products. Learning how to make hair grow is mostly about discovering how to use those products in the right way and which ones to use in the first place.
Trichorrhexis nodosa is another temporary conditions causing hair loss in women, and is caused by the hair styles that pull the hair at the roots, such as cornrow hairstyle or making pony tails. Pulling hair at the root results in severe damage to the hair follicle, and results in permanent hair fall. There is a condition called trichotillomania, where women have uncontrollable urge to pull out their hair, and this is done unconsciously, leading to bald patches on the scalp.
Hair transplantation is effective treatment for hair loss, and follicular unit and minigraft techniques give great results. However, the surgery must be done by the trained and experienced professional, and only after proper diagnosis of hair loss.
Many scientists point to the maternal side of the equation for the link to the balding gene, but there seems to be conflicting evidence. There are other genes found to be involved with hair loss as well. In 2009, Japanese researchers identified a gene called Sox21, which they say is responsible for hair loss in people.
Medication -- there are some drugs and especially radiation therapy that unfortunately causes either the halt of the hair growth phase of hair follicles or Foligray Review cause the hairs to shed at the same time.
Other reasons for women's hair loss can be due to hormonal changes that pregnancy causes. The increased levels of estrogen and the changes in other hormones as they prepare the body for pregnancy can cause many things to occur.
The end result of this stress can be the loss of hair, which should only be a temporary loss. Once the stress levels even out, the hair should be fine.If you really want to put a stop to the thinning hair you are experiencing, finding the reasons for hair loss will be the most successful way. Only when you know why you are losing your hair will you be able to prevent this from happening.