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Math Success With Your Math Tutor

por Erick Sharwood (2022-08-22)

If one triangle is the number 3, what number will a triangle plus a triangle be? If a star is equal to 2 and a moon is equal to 3, what number will three stars and a moon be?

When it comes to Math, many children assume there is only one way or method to use to come up with the correct answer. If your child does not understand the teacher's method, he or she assumes that it is because he or she too stupid to understand.

Do you want to raise a C to an A in algebra, ace the geometry final, or stay competitive in AP calculus? Set clear and specific math goals for yourself. You'll be more motivated, engaged and focused if you articulate a specific outcome and work toward it. Enlist the help of your teacher, classmates, parents, or a good local math tutor to help you stay on track.

If you buy the chart, have your child write the next thirty or so numbers. Color and decorate the chart. Make sure you use cardstock, laminate the pages or place the pages in a file with pockets so it is durable.

How to fix it? Have a talk with your child. Explain that your feelings about math are based on things that happened to you and you never meant to pass your feelings to your child. Stress that your child is a different person, with different abilities, who is getting a new beginning. This means he/she can be really good at math and that you want to help.

Want to win. It sounds too crazy to even mention, but many of us are so beat down that we have no desire to win. If you find someone like that, get behind them and share basic math concepts, basic life principles. Be the example that another player needs to change his mindset and start winning. Do it, even if he beats you. Teach someone else and you will feel better than you have ever felt in your life. It works well to have either a mentor or a work at this as a team. All you really need is to have someone say they believe you can do this. Well, we believe you can learn chess well enough to enjoy it by doing your best. If you do your best, you always do win, no matter how the chess board game ends up.

Let me share you my story. I have a daughter named Sarah who has a problem understanding math. Every time I see her grade, I really feel guilty because I am not doing anything to help her and be improved in Math. And not to mention I am a math teacher. I was so busy that time due to lots of work in school and aside from that, I was working on some very important legal matters. I tried to hire a private Math tutor, but not successful because her tutor just told me that she has no initiative to learn Math. I asked my daughter why she hates Math.

Numbers refer to the quantity of the items, not the size of the items. Your child also needs to understand that when we say "8 is bigger that 5" we mean that there are more items in 8, web page not that the items in the group of eight is bigger.

The first Math concept is, of course, knowing the names and symbols of numbers. Children are very familiar with counting small numbers up to maybe 20. It is important that your child can recognize numbers up to 200 or greater.

Children today love technology. Technology plays a vital role in making things easy and fast. Online tutoring uses latest technologies to carryout its process. It uses computer, Internet, voice chat, text messaging, head phone, microphone, interactive white board etc. . And web page [] so children will love online tutoring as it uses technology on its go. Moreover children love online tutoring for many reasons.