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Erotic Definitions

por Melba Schaefer (2022-06-04)

The term erotic has many definitions, ranging from art to dance. Art is an expression of strong sexual desire. A work of art can be erotic or merely sensual. In the fine arts, eroticism usually refers to the idealized human form. Artists use a variety of visual mediums to express their erotic feelings, from drawing, engraving, and lithography to painting, sculpture, and photography.

Pornographic images tend to be sexually explicit and rich in anatomical detail. By contrast, erotic art focuses on the subjectivity and individuality of the image. An example of this is Titian's Venus of Urbino (1538), which emphasizes the face. In pornographic art, the subject becomes an object that possesses no intrinsic beauty, but merely serves as an object of desire. A work of erotic art destroys the source of beauty.

Knowing one's erotic self is about navigating the inner landscape. When one is in tune with their erotic self, they transmit a sonar wave of healing and a quality of aliveness. These qualities nurture the whole self and others, and they manifest in the bedroom, in business, and in creative expression. Access to erotic intelligence can vary from one person to another, and knowing yourself and your erotic self are essential to arousing passion and a fulfilling life.

Some people find it erotic to rub up against another person on public transportation. In other cases, a simple kiss can be erotic. However, there is no universal definition of what constitutes an erotic book. Some countries view erotic writing as normal or taboo. If you want to write erotic material, consider the context and your goal. The definition of erotic will differ depending on the genre and intended audience.