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Marketing Your Trailer Hire Business

por Maude Huntley (2021-11-11)

Google wants to see more interactivity with their Google Places section to people keep coming back. By adding coupons, it adds value to the user experience and helps with your rankings.

And that's where email marketing comes in - for minimal investment (and really, little time) you can keep in touch with your prospects and customers and let them know what it is that you can offer to them on any given week or month; which will depend on your buying cycle. Any less than monthly contact however is a waste of time.

Search engine optimization - This is another method that will work for any business. You want to have a website online that SEO can be used on. Again, this is a method that you can learn to do on your own, or you can hire a service to do this method for you.

Use videos, best site press releases, articles, social content sites, online business directories, and online review sites to make the search engines fall in love with your best site.

On the other hand, you may want to drill down inside of the niche and focus on specialty doughnuts. You might be able to convince customers that decorating doughnuts for parties and other get-togethers is a pretty cool thing to do. In addition, your shop can add to it services by offering decorating kits to people who might like to do this. It would also be a fun pastime for children at different times of the year. What better way to keep children occupied during the party than to have them decorate their own snack.

And perhaps the most surprising statistic, product information and price comparisons are done online but 61% of those products researched are actually purchased offline. That coupled with the fact that 90% of all purchases are made within 50 miles of the consumer's home speaks volumes to the importance of internet marketing for local business.

Keep it easy. Make sure it is easy for visitors to contact you by including detailed contact information on every page, either in the top header or the bottom footer. Include an email form on your Contact page, so people can fill it in and send it off to you without having to open up their email program.