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The Best Skate Parks in The World - Glendale Verdugo

por Donnie Steinmetz (2021-07-06)

Many modern skate parks encompass new ideas and new building technique to produce some of best skate environments.
This was not always the case, going back only 20 years ago there weren't a huge amount of skate parks, like there is now. As skateboarding, bmx, and extreme sports in general became more popular with the increase media interest and professionals earning huge amount of money, many sponsors and big brands began to put money into the sport.

This increase in money set the plans in motion to build modern skate parks that we see today. Many of these parks have bred some of the stars of today, and if it wasn't for leading brands such as Nike SB putting money into the sport then we would not be seeing the high standards of today.

From this point of investment into skateboarding, the sport has seen a massive increase in participation and coverage, events are held all over the world with big prize money on offer.

These events are at a very high standard because of the riders skills and abilities which have been applied and perfected in purpose-built skate parks.

In this article we are going to look at the Glendale Verdugo skate park in Los Angles, USA. The park was built in 2004 to adhere to demand for skaters and riders to hang out and practice.
This is a public skate park so attracts skaters of all levels and backgrounds to enjoy the culture and improve. The park is a 15,000 square foot playground for skateboarders including bowls, vertical walls, obstacles and rails to skate, there is something for everyone.

The LA areal call this skate park home and they fulfil the culture of skating with their very own style in fashion, music and skating. This is truly the home of skateboarding in this LA district and has seen a huge amount of interest since the park was opened from pro riders to celebs taking on the vertical walls.

The Glendale Verdugo skate park offers an environment to prove yourself and to improve your skills with some of the leading skates in LA.

If you are a Glendale resident then you get free access to the park, if you have especially come down to ride the park then all youths enter free but adults have a $2 daily fee. There is also restricted access, there is no bmx or scooters permitted on the park, this is a park built specifically for skaters.
Helmet, knees pads and elbow pads are required as some of the vertical walls will lead to you wiping out on several occasions.

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