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Thousands unleash their inner nerd for Oz Comic-Con 

por Dario Brinkley (2021-11-20)

The annual event grabs the attention of the weird and the wonderful as superheroes and villains put their differences aside and warriors rub shoulders with princesses.

Oz Comic-Con returned to the Sydney Exhibition Centre at Glebe Island, Darling Harbour, on Saturday, allowing people of all ages to dress up as their favourite characters from a range of genres including science fiction, horror, fantasy novels, Disney, anime, manga, web comics and Фильмы 2022 онлайн video games. 

American superhero, Thor, Suicide Squad's Harley Quinn, the Super Mario Brothers, Aquaman and even Flash managed to make an appearance at the eagerly awaited event. 

Stephen Palmer, dressed up as Dionysus (the god of the grape harvest), Jason Eastman  dressed up as Dovahkiihim (a warrior with the body of a mortal and soul of a dragon) and Sky Brown wanted to be a male wonder woman

People of all ages gathered at Oz Comic Con, Sydney Exhibition Centre in Glebe.

 Caitlin Broad (left) made the appearance as a jinx and Carly Wamsteker (right) turned into nidalee from the League of Legends

Aquaman (left) and Flash (centre) took time out from saving the world to stop for a photograph

Alex Druce dressed up as super villain Harley Quinn, a character from the recently screened film 'Suicide Squad'

The quirky Super Mario Brothers Reece Durante and Benjamin Newman couldn't help but make an appearance

Japanese anime was a popular choice with many choosing to dress as characters from Love Live 

Guests at the Comic Con are famous for the effort they put into constructing their elaborate costumes and this year's event was no exception.

Parents were also getting in on the fun donning their own favourite cosplay, after dressing up the children.


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One mother dressed up as a mythical creature while her husband who appeared as Spiderman helped push Superman and Batman in the trolley.

Japanese anime appeared to be a popular choice among guests with many dressing up as characters from the popular comic 'Love Live'.

Although the fans' costumes seem like the main event at the expo, there were also stars ready to meet and greet the people imitating them.

Comic Con fans are famous for their elaborate costumes and this year's event was no exception. Bianca Leggett as Harley Quinn (left) Chris Stanley as Pirate Batman (right)

Parents didn't hold from donning a costume as they also got in on the fun after dressing up their children

Visitors were encouraged to shop in the many stalls full of the latest merchandise as well as get their 'game on' in the gaming zone

Comic Con celebrates comics, TV, movies, anime, gaming and everything else falling under the umbrella of popular culture

Family outing like no other: The Crouch family used their love of gaming as their inspiration

Although the fans' costumes seem like the main event at the expo, there were also stars ready to meet and greet the people imitating them

Aston Hall appeared as a Storm Trooper (right) and Andrew Lutomski as Thor (left)

Superwoman spent time outside of the action to banter and swap war stories with villains

Cliff Dorian spent time to get his creepy on as Twisty the Clown from American Horror Story

 The burnt serial killer who uses a glove, armed with razors to kill his victims in their dreams from A Nightmare on Elm Street

A number of dangerous and incarcerated supervillains from Suicide Squad, including Katana (above) made an appearance

Super Mario lugged around his iconic green pipe as he stumbled looking for his brother Luigi 

As well as dressing up as their favourite characters many were able to greet their idols with a selection of stars invited to talk

Dressed to impress: Comic fans put in time and effort into their costumes ensuring they looked almost identical to their characters

However, some fans appeared to have remembered the need for costumes in the last minute as they scrambled to make a star wars themed costume with cardboard and masking tape

A burlesque themed Harly Quinn (left) and Poison Ivy (right) did not fail from catching the attention of villains

Skeletor (right) from Masters of the Universe and a female version of he-man (left) who has superhuman strength stood side by side

Two fans displayed their intricate Heroes of the Storm costumes with the popular character ranger general Sylvanas (left) and banshee Sylvanas (right) appearing ready for battle

The villains of Star Wars stood side by side as  Darth Vader (right) stood in the background as a lookout

Bestfriends Chewbacca (left) and Han Solo (right) from Star Wars had people gathered as they performed a ritual

Actor Robert Englund famous for playing Freddy Kruger in the Nightmare on Elm Street series spoke to fans at the event

Nicki Alycox (left) and Rachel Miner (right) who both played the character Meg Masters in the hit television series Supernatural also talked to fans at Oz Comic Con

Podric Payne, played by Daniel Portman (pictured), from the hit HBO series Game of Thrones answered questions from fans