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Linden Lab Talks Adult Issues At Second Life Press Conference

por Kelli Nowacki (2021-10-24)

And also you cannot get both, if you have obtained Adult checked. We're not even positive how a few of these notions acquired formed. If they need to maintain the land they're abandoning and take on extra land, then they'll clearly must 'clean up' the content material on their outdated parcel. Jack Linden: For those that are going to participate within the free transfer interval, for those of us we'll open the land up for a few weeks, I expect, before things kick off, and people people will be able to go take a look at the land, a look at the parcels, which will be named in useful methods, hopefully. However ostensibly, it's going to be their choice as to which area., which parcel they select, and there's a normal feeling that we'll be ready to provide enough land that there will be loads of choice. However, the prevailing rules still stand: They should not participate in any sexual activity, nor could they be suggestively proximate to sexual activity, scenes or pictures.

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