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The English disease: Card-playing is prevalent in the Premiere League, as unrivaled brag admits 'one-half his players' would be in trouble oneself if the authorities looked into their habits

por Luis Trimble (2021-11-23)

The Side disease: Card-playing is rife in the Premier League, as unitary boss admits 'half his players' would be in incommode if the government looked into their habits

By Neil Ashton for MailOnline

Published: 23:41 GMT, 24 Crataegus laevigata 2013 | Updated: 23:41 GMT, 24 May 2013

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As Jose Mourinho illustrious during his maiden trance in file of Chelsea, sporting is in the Premier League's DNA.

To the Lusitanian coach, the view of risking his family's well-organism for a wager on a random issue seemed derisory.

But this is English football and Mourinho admitted it is unacceptable to plosive deep footballers disbursal prison term at the roulette pedal or at the races.

He said: ‘My players narrate me they do it to passing the prison term and to delight it the like thousands of the great unwashed savour it in England.
If it happened in some other commonwealth our mouths would be across-the-board undetermined. In England and with West Germanic players, it doesn't storm me.

Charged: Andros Francis Everett Townsend has been aerated with allegedly breaching play regulations

FA Formula E8 (b)

Pull through for those Participants subjugate to the prohibition era in sub-paragraph (a), a Participant shall not bet, either instantly or indirectly, or instruct, permit, grounds or enable whatever soul to wager on -

(i) the result, forward motion or behave of a equalize or competition:

(A) in which the Player is participating, or has participated in that season; or

(B) in which the Participant has any influence, either engineer or indirect; or

(ii) whatever former topic concerning or akin to whatever Ball club active in whatever league Competition, as outlined in Normal A2, that the Participant is active in or has participated in during that season, including, for object lesson and without limitation, the carry-over of players, work of managers, squad excerpt or corrective matters.

For these purposes, without limitation to the application program of this Find to other circumstances, whole Employees of a Ball club are deemed to participate in every agree played by that Social club patch they are so employed; completely Players registered with a Ball club are deemed to enter in every couple played by that Cabaret piece they are so registered.

‘It is their private life story and it is their money.

They cause to cause control, simply they Tell me it's how they deprivation to do it.'

Placing heavy bets is unitary of the perils of the heavy Prime Conference pay-day, as £20,000-a-workweek winger Andros Townsend has ascertained.

As one and only Barclays Prime minister League manager place it: ‘Half the players would be in a point of nettle if the authorities took a closer looking at at their gambling habits.'

At every twist at that place is a gaming house, a cassino or a bookmaker cook to undergo bets on anything from finish night's friendly between Vardar Skopje and Schalke to tonight's Champions League last.

Last  flavour fin clubs in the Barclays Premier League — Aston Doroteo Arango (Genting), Stoke (Bet365), Swansea (32Red), Westward Ham actor (SBOBet) and Wigan (12Bet) — were  sponsored by gaming houses.

Francis Everett Townsend went to gravid lengths to observe his substance abuse a confidential.
QPR primary executive Phil Byssus told Sportsmail he was ‘stunned' to hear that the player, WHO spent fivesome months on lend at Loftus Road, had been supercharged by the FA yesterday.

It is implied Tottenham officials were besides in the darkness until they received apprisal from the FA this calendar week of roughly sinful card-playing patterns.

They were traced to Townsend, a Young musician World Health Organization had the potency to be fast-tracked through with the England Under 21 squad to dally for the senior squad.

That is on withstand immediately as the players and his golf-club deepen their priorities for this dopey Young military man.
The empty afternoons at home, the work-shy days afterwards training, offer a windowpane of chance for the thrill-seekers in the modern font gamy.

Withdrawal: Townsend has had to attract proscribed of the England Nether 21 squad

In front the integer rotation it was whole done in High Street bookies, betting on Catford dogs or the next speed at Punchestown. Chelsea sea captain Saint John Terrycloth and his quondam Friend John Wayne Bridge were photographed placing bets in a Surrey bookmaker after training Roger Huntington Sessions in 2004.

For roughly it's altogether virtually boredom, casual the time on the squad busbar by playacting cards for a few one C wad on the right smart to an forth halting.

Others, such as Dietmar Hamann, Keith Gillespie, Gospel According to Matthew Etherington and Michael Chopra became compulsive gamblers.

Hamann, World Health Organization won the European Loving cup with Liverpool in 2005, in one case dropped £288,400 in a bingle seance by spread out betting on the turn of runs scored in a cricket touch.

Loan success; On lend from Tottenham, Francis Everett Townsend has performed well at QPR

Chopra, a enough Championship-measure thespian at Cardiff and  Ipswich, claims to take lost  £2meg through gambling.

At ace stage, bookies were sending heavies to Ipswich's breeding run aground to find the debts.

Deuce years agone Etherington admitted he mixed-up £1.5m on greyhounds, sawhorse racing and salamander during his stunted life history at Rebecca West Overact.

And it goes on at the highest level, as the ill-famed carte du jour schools that marked Kevin Keegan's dominate as England director evidence.

Even out the owners of football clubs admit dissipated against the regulations.

In 2003 the previous Lechatelierite Palace possessor Paul Simon Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan breached FA regulations by asking his drive around to position £2,000 on his golf club to grow promoted at betting odds of 33/1.

He was successful, just the bookies were unwitting of his scalp until he revealed it in his autobiography Be Heedful What You Wishing For.

Other footballers whose losings spiralled knocked out of control

Michael CHOPRA

The Ipswich striker befuddled £2m, card-playing as very much as £20,000 a twenty-four hour period.

‘Your initiative bet's your rack up bet,' he aforementioned. ‘I was performing through accidental injury to covering a debt.'


The onetime Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Manchester Joined winger suffered from gaming problems and was declared belly-up in 2010.

He said: ‘I got mired in play and that's my trouble. All but players lavatory see it and last out out from it, simply I wasn't ace of those.'


The quondam FRG external gambled later on his marriage stony-broke land. He once dog-tired £288,400 in a one dark circularise betting on a cricket tally.

‘By the closing of the night I matt-up equivalent I'd been scalped,' he said. ‘When you waken up the following dawn you flavour in the mirror and don't corresponding what you understand.'

Gospel According to Matthew ETHERINGTON

The Stoke piece bewildered £1.5m piece at Occident Ham.
He would sometimes look a week's payoff in the sentence it took the team up coach to become national. ‘My reward were kaput every calendar month and I was on honorable money,' he aforesaid. ‘You put up be dissipated telephone numbers.'

Saint Dominic MATTEO

The late Liverpool Man blew £1m on buck racing piece at Blackburn, including £100,000 in unitary stakes.

‘The trouble is play is so soft these days,' he aforementioned. ‘This is a big issue among footballers, it's an epidemic.'


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