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Those Dreaded Math Word Problems

por Angelika Becker (2023-02-11)

If one triangle is the number 3, what number will a triangle plus a triangle be? If a star is equal to 2 and a moon is equal to 3, what number will three stars and a moon be?

Hiring an Math tutor is a good solution to this problem. Because the teaching of Math should be child centered, a personal tutor can be a great resource. A personal tutor will not only gauge the aptitude and level of a student and can devise learning strategies accordingly. Every student has different needs and no two students have the same learning style. In a large classroom setting, it is impossible for the instructor to take care of the learning needs of every single individual.

Write a story, a real story with characters and plot, and add the math problem set. Write about wizards that need to use angles for their sorcery. Write about spice trading ships on the deep seas. Write a story that lasts a whole page before even getting to the math portion. You've engaged the right-side, or less analytical, part of the brain and you'll see a powerful effect of enhanced engagement.

Math is needed when you must decide how to create the very best arrangement for furniture, equipment for large groups of people at work or for a special occasion at home. Simple math concepts such as multiplying fractions and manipulating ratios make it easy to adjust cooking recipes to the number of people you want to serve. Learn math and make your personal life function better.

9th tip: Mix it up. Use different medias when learning and doing math; computer software, worksheet pages, time races, are all great ways to keep learning varied which will help the student from being bored and help with the learn process.

You can also encourage them to help you in baking and make them calculate ratio and proportions. This way, you also have a reward for them in the end - you can always buy her a favorite toy during shopping or you get to bake one of her favorite cookies. Even when traveling, you can make her learn about distance, time and even finding numbers on the street and make her do easy calculations while traveling.

Some may conduct custom business math help online, others may not. Some use the computer while others prefer training and thinking method. They feel that anyone could go on a computer and get custom math answers to business mathematics questions. It's better for you to work on figuring out the answers the old-fashioned way, using your brain. The tutors specialize in providing you with custom business math help that you can understand and eventually be able to solve on your own. The problems are detailed, so that you will know what to do.

Learn Important Methods to Solve math problems: It is advisable for students to be strong in basic concepts of math. An online tutor will help you to solve Math problems in several ways. By using more than one method, a student can solve a tricky and difficult sum instantly under the guidance of a professional tutor.

Every time your child finishes her work to the best of her ability, praise her for her effort. "You really worked hard to solve those problems. I am so proud of you!" Your child will come to love your praise and attention and will work harder to earn more praise.

But another person used the stairs to reach the same floor. This person found it very easy and reach there with little effort. Compare this person to a student who knows all the basic concepts learned in elementary grades. To learn grade six or grade seven math for this student will be easy. But there is another student in grade six and doesn't know the lower grade math concepts such as, times tables, factors or number system. This student is in the same situation as the person, who is jumping to reach third floor from the ground level.