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Renewing commitments...


By beginning 2015 with the 23rd volume of Revista Enfermagem UERJ, the second one with a bimonthly circulation, we renew our commitment to raising and maintaining our periodical in the international indexation standards of scientific journals. Such intent has required the fruitful work from the editors, the Editorial Advisory Board, the Council of Ad Hoc Consultants, columnists and technical team, whose commitment to the dissemination of knowledge we are thankful for.

Our editorial profile has privileged the scientific production of nursing postgraduate programs in Brazil, as well as valued the work of nursing, health and education specialists from Brazil and other nationalities, for the opportunity of interlocution with transdisciplinarity and multidisciplinarity.

However, as each volume was being edited, we faced the arduous task of subsistence in an increasingly competitive and costly market without directly transferring costs to the authors, as it happens with most of the nursing journals. We occupy an editorial space that is directly linked to public institutions of higher education that suffer from the restrictions imposed on them by the public administration, both at federal and state levels.

More than ever, it is of the utmost importance that these institutions, even the most effectively active in this space, strengthen the investment in the publication of their scientific journals with quality, ensuring the dissemination of knowledge that has been produced and that culminates by consolidating the institutions themselves in the scenario of scientific and technological development.

On our part, we will be persistent about the idea of giving priority to less costly scientific dissemination for researchers, authors and readers as long as possible. This is a commitment that we renew.


Octavio Muniz da Costa Vargens
Scientific Editor

Araci Carmen Clos
Assistant Editor

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