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Founded in 2014, the Association acts as a collective voice for the sports betting, lottery and gaming industry to promote practical initiatives that will enhance the shared business interest of our members .

Lucrative, thriving and productive ,the Nigerian Sports Betting, lottery and gaming industry supports tens of thousands of jobs and generate hundreds of millions of Naira as revenue for the government while providing entertainment and fun for the benefits and satisfaction of the Punters. Every year our members contribute to the statutory good causes, which is used to support public welfare programs such as education, public health and safety and infrastructure development.

Comprised of licensed operators, ANB's top priority is to create a favorable business environment for members to compete, thrive , innovate and grow . We do this by evaluating regulations relating to the sports betting,lottery and gaming industry and maintaining regular dialogue with key decision makers to ensure the interests of our members are heard and understood .

Through this dialogue and various stakeholders engagement , we constantly advocate and encourage decision makers to embrace and implement clear,concise and consistent policies that will effectively bring the current regulatory framework into line with the actual structure of our modern betting, lottery and gaming industry .

The Association collaborates with Professionals, Government Relation Officers and ANB approved industry experts to ensure our members' business rights are protected and the sports betting, lottery and gaming industry is treated fairly under the law .

We also participate in strategic alliance with gaming industry groups from time to time to address problems facing the betting and gaming industry in Nigeria. .

As the most influential voice in the betting, lottery and gaming industry ,we conveniently provide our members with up to date information, in depth knowledge, insight and awareness of policies shaping the industry to help them make smart business decisions.

The ANB is a member-led, not for profit, non-political and independent organization, run by its members for its members

MISSION STATEMENTThe ANB is a unified and informed voice representing the policy priorities of sports betting, lottery and gaming operations in Nigeria at every level of government. ANB is dedicated to strengthening the long-term economic viability of the betting, lottery and gaming industry in Nigeria by relentlessly advocating for fact- based public policy. Our mission is to support our members in building a profitable and successful betting,lottery and gaming industry in Nigeria.