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Cash Out functions under a general principle: It allows you to close your bets and claim some money while the events on your bets are still going on. However, the feature also has different variants.

A cash out offer may be any of the following:

- Full Cash Out
- Partial Cash Out
- Auto Cash Out

Full Cash OutThis is pretty straightforward. If you cash out fully, you are withdrawing all the available money in the cash out offer. This is the most basic form of cash out, and can be found on most bookmakers in Nigeria.

Partial Cash OutPartial cash out gives you the option of cashing out on a percentage of your stake, while leaving the remaining percentage to run on the initial bet.

For example, if you stake N20,000 on Manchester United to beat Real Madrid, at odds of 4.0, the potential winning is N80, 000.

If Manchester United are leading 1-0 at half time, you may get a cash out offer of N50, 000. If partial cash out is available, you can choose to cash out on a fraction of your stake and leave the other part to run normally.

Let's assume you choose to do a partial cash out of 50%, your cash out amount will be approximately N25,000, which is half the value of the full cash out amount. In this case, you have settled 50% of your stake, while the other 50% (N10,000) stays in the bet.

Auto Cash OutUsually, when you cash out, you do it while monitoring your bets on your smart phone or on a computer screen, but the amazing auto cash out feature allows you to end your bets even when you are away from the internet.

So, if you think you'd be too busy to track the events on your betslip, you can use the auto cash out function to set your cash out parameters.

How does it work? Well, all you have to do is to set a cash out amount after placing your bet. Once the cash out value reaches that amount, your bet automatically ends and your account is credited with the cash out value.