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But have you considered Africa? The second largest continent in the world. Africa isn’t known for gambling because it is banned in many of the African countries. However there are a few that allow it.

Sports betting in Africa today focuses primarily on horse racing and football. In Northern Africa, sports betting on horse races dates back to the 15th Century, as sports became staple of the Ottoman Empire’s North African Territories. Sports betting in football has been around for the last 70 years since football became the most popular sports in Africa, credit to some of the African football legends who created their mark in the European football competitions at various clubs such as Abedi Pele, Yaya toure, George Weah, Didier Drogba, Samuel Eto’o , to mention but few.

The structure of sports betting today occurs between "bookies" and person placing their money up for a bet. Sports are popular globally, but for anyone familiar with Africa knows that sports hold a special place in the hearts of many Africans. While football is the most popular sports across the continent, it is by no means the only game in town. Rugby, Cricket, and running events routinely have millions of viewers and fans.

Importance of ReviewsHaving easy access to the web has radically changed the way people patronize almost everything today. For mobile phones, it is rare to blindly make a purchase decision without reading through the several online reviews. In 2016, 90% of online users read at least one online review before deciding to visit a business, this means that whatever your industry, having a positive online presence gives you several key advantages, which is why it’s becoming a key part in branding. Understanding why you need online reviews help you to optimize your customer experience to help create a positive online footprint.

At Betting Site Africa (BSA), we will take you through the merits of reviews as you read through. Some of them are: Social proof drives purchases: we are more likely to make a good decision about a bookmaker when others or total strangers agree that they are good with positive testimonies, they make the good bookmakers more visible: thus it leads to more exposure, these bookie reviews make the bookmakers look trustworthy: thus it builds credibility, they have a clear impact on profit on the part of the punter and betting site, they give you an open line to customers.

What We Look for In Our ReviewsWelcome to our insights of Betting site Africa section, the ultimate guide for online bookmakers. Here you will find impartial bookmaker reviews and ratings for the safest bookmaker, together with exclusive and low wagering betting bonuses. At BSA, we combine experience both as players and as professionals, with extensive and continuous research, because, bookmakers are entities that enable you to enter the betting world. On this site you can rate your betting experience and check other players’ reviews for more than 100 bookmakers. We test each bookmaker on several different criteria which is not limited to the betting features but digging deep into ownership, financial stability and reliability. So you can relax and follow us, as you are assured of choosing a good bookmaker to improve your overall betting experience. Usually how you feel about betting at certain bookmaker depends on a mixture of factors. Let’s start finding out what we look at in our bookmaker reviews.

License of bookmaker for your country of residence: The most important factor we will be looking at is the legal permission bookmakers have to operate in any country. In recent years, new bookmakers use the same betting platform and differ on the interface, the promotions and the odds. In this case we check the ownership of the bookmakers and their connections with other brands to make sure they are not connected to a shady operator.

Reputation of bookmakers: the overall opinion about a bookmaker is very important, thus, if people’s opinions about a bookmaker is negative, there is a high probability that there is something dodgy about it. Even the best betting site will have to deal with complaints at some point.

Sport betting payout: Different bookies present punters with different odds on the same events. We will be enlightening you on how to determine a bookie with high payout.

First deposit bonuses: Almost all bookies offer new customer bonuses, however, some of these bonuses from some bookmakers are traps. We will include how to redeem these good bonuses Ongoing betting bonuses.

Deposit and withdrawal methods: we look at the banking institutions that keeps the players funds, we check its reliability and how it works with the major local banks. It is also very important if the bookmaker keeps the player’s money in a segregated account. Payment methods such as bitcoin and PayPal will be scrutinized in each of our reviews. A good variety of popular worldwide payment methods is a good indicator of a bookmaker’s stability.

Minimum bet stake.

Easy Navigation and intuitive interface.

Sports book depth and quality.

Customer support as in working hours, methods of contacts, overall helpfulness.

In a fast-growing online betting industry, you might wonder why you should trust our bookmaker reviews. Our team has a decade of experience in betting and as professionals. That means we have a deep background in betting and can tell a legit bookie from a fraudulent one.

Our Best Bookmaker ReviewsWe can safely say that, it is a great time to be an African punter. We have more options when it comes to African bookmakers than ever before, and it is up to you the customer, to take advantage of our best bookmaker reviews which can be a crucial step in your online betting career and betting experience

Sports betting in Africa has been a popular pastime for quite a while now, the 21st Century is here, and internet gambling is starting to become even more widespread. This has attracted a lot of international betting sites to compete with the local bookmakers. At BSA, upon an in-depth research and deep comparison of bookmakers, we have narrowed the over 100 available bookmakers into a few best bookmakers, giving you their deep reviews and the honest facts about them to guide you in the type of bookie you choose to wager with. Some of the best bookmaker reviews you will find at BSA are: Betway Africa reviews, 22bet reviews, 1Xbet reviews, Melbet reviews, Bet365 reviews, Betboro reviews, Betfox reviews, and a lot more reliable bookmakers. You can also find the best betting sites in all the African countries right here at Betting Site Africa.

SummaryWe have hundreds of bookmaker reviews here at Betting Site Africa (BSA). Our bookie reviews provide accurate, up to date information about licensed bookies in the African continent. Our reviews cover every possible angle, new betting sites that has popped up and their promotions. The mode of our reviews can cater for both starters and experienced punters. It is our hope that you will find every solution to your betting problems right here at Betting Site Africa. my website sports betting