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Federal Court Orders Banc de Binary Ltd, ET Binary Options Ltd, BO Systems Ltd, BDB Services Ltd; Oren Shabat Laurent to Pay More than $9 Mln in Restitution; a Civil Monetary Penalty for Violating the CFTC’s Ban on Off-Exchange Binary Options | CFTC

by Cathryn Layman (2022-03-12)

I think only 1-2% of traders can trade for the entire year. The rest of them lose their account and stop trading. If you can trade for one year, you can make a lot of money from binary options trading. It can be a million or zero dollars.

1st trade: $100 = Win = Balance is $180 2nd trade: $100 = Win = Balance is $260 3rd trade: $100 = Win = Balance is $340 4th trade: $100 = Lose = Balance is $240 5th trade: $100 = Lose = Balance is $140 6th trade: $100 = Win = Balance is $220 7th trade: $100 = Win = Balance is $300 8th trade: $100 = Win = Balance is $380 9th trade: $100 = Lose = Balance is $280 10th trade: $100 = Win = Balance is $360.

This managed account service promises 180 trades per month, a monthly return on investment of 160% and "778% accuracy trades," whatever that means . The service itself consists of both auto trading and trading signals that are supposedly generated by professional traders. In order to get access to the Samba binary option robot Options managed account service traders have to register with one of 4 separate brokers, Omenda, CTOption, Finpari or BinaryMate.

This doesn’t come across as a very strong strategy, and is likely just a means to quickly have results available for their Facebook group. If you look closely at the results, it appears that they quickly place 5 to 10 trades at the exact same time on a daily basis . Despite the promises of winning percentages, the only results provided can be found on the Samba Binary Options Facebook page. Every couple of days they show us a handful of trades in screenshot form.

CFTC staff members responsible for this case are Margaret Aisenbrey, Kim Bruno, Michelle Bougas, Erica Bodin, Jessica Harris, Nate Gueltzau, Joyce Brandt, Mary Lutz, Tom Leahy, Duane Andresen, Kathleen Banar, and Rick Glaser.

Finally, he blows his account within a couple of days. But 13% trader earns money from binary trading because they have enough patience, experience, and proper planning. It is the typical scenario of a trader. A trader earns money at the very beginning. Then he loses a trade and increases the trading size.

The developers of the software are Paulo Santos, Nick Roach and Mitch Skolnik. To contact support, traders are required to fill out the contact form on the sales page . I’ll get to this in a minute. Their offices are located at Rue Arsene Houssaye, 75008, Paris. All 3 of these developers have a very short history in the binary options market, and it’s all associated with another managed account service that I reviewed in late March.

Risk Disclosure: before starting to trade on currency exchange markets, please make sure that you understand the risks connected with trading using leverage and that you have sufficient level of training.

The main issue with the Samba Binary Options managed account service is the lack of real transparency. There’s no way that I can recommend this service to any of the binary today readers. There are a handful of statements and what is a binary option promises but nothing that really proves that this is a viable opportunity. On top of that, they are dealing with some unregulated brokerages and using the deposit for access model which is getting old.

Today I’m looking at a new managed account service that’s promising traders a 160% monthly return on investment, Samba Binary Options . This type of return is astronomical, and very difficult to believe. Hopefully the vendor provides us with some actual results to verify such a large number, but I certainly have my doubts right out of the gate.

Federal Court Orders Banc de Binary Ltd., ET Binary Options Ltd., BO Systems Ltd., BDB Services Ltd., and Oren Shabat Laurent to Pay More than $9 Million in Restitution and binary option a Civil Monetary Penalty for Violating the CFTC’s Ban on Trading Binary Options Off-Exchange.

At the same time, if you invest $10, you will make only $8. If you invest $100, you will make $80, and in the case of $1000, you will make $800. So it can not be said how much exactly you will make in a single trade.

A newbie trader can not continue his account until the end of the month. It entirely depends on your monthly trading volume and winning percentage. I have a concern here. It is also the same as previous answers.

, EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, binary option robot etc. The Court further found that the Defendants’ customers were not eligible contract participants ( i.e. ), and stock indices ( e.g. , the Defendants’ customers were retail customers). In the Order, the Court found that the corporate Defendants acted as the counterparty to their customers’ binary options transactions on a variety of assets, including commodities ( e.g. These transactions, the Court found, violated federal laws prohibiting the trading of options off-exchange. , wheat, oil, gold, platinum, sugar, coffee, corn, etc. , S&P 500 and NASDAQ futures).

The guarantee of a monthly return of 160% is absurd. Not only is it unrealistic , but it’s just unfathomable . It’s really difficult to believe any of the results on the Samba Binary Options web-site. There isn’t a broker in the binary options market that would allow that automated service like this to win at such a high rate.